Why pest and building inspections are a must.

It might be the most stunning home you’ve ever come across and every bone in your body says this is the one, but what exactly lies beneath?

Purchasing a property is a huge financial commitment and it’s important you clearly understand its condition and any potential problems prior to signing on the dotted line of a sales contract.

That’s why pest and building inspections are a must, allowing you to make an educated and informed decision about the property, its condition and its price tag.

What’s involved?

Pest and building inspections are generally commissioned by a potential buyer when they find a property that really piques their interest.

They’re part of a due diligence process that every buyer should take seriously and their role is to determine what’s going on behind the scenes of a home.

In some instances, a contractor will undertake both the pest and building inspection at the same time, but in other cases you will need to engage a qualified inspector for each.

Building inspections  

Building inspections are designed to identify any existing or potential building defects in the property while giving you an expert’s opinion of its overall condition.

It involves inspecting all accessible areas, identifying any urgent maintenance and providing a report about the property’s overall condition.

In addition to giving you peace of mind the property is structurally sound, the inspection can also be used as a negotiating tool.

Pest inspections

Pest inspections are used to identify any existing or potential pest problems in the home, such as ants, termites and borers.

Again this inspection covers all accessible areas of the property and looks for things like current pest activity, evidence of past activity, any previous treatments, and damage to the property due to pests.

The report provided also offers recommendations about actions you can take to mitigate the risk of pests.

When should they occur?

If you’re purchasing a property via private treaty sale, the pest and building inspections can be undertaken prior to signing the contract of sale or shortly after the contract is signed.

In the latter case, there should be a clause in the contract that indicates the sale is subject to pest and building inspections.

Meanwhile, if you’re purchasing the property at auction, a pest and building inspection should be completed in advance of the auction date.

It’s important to note the property seller can also organise their own pest and building inspections as part of the pre-sale process, and they can then use the results of the inspections to either fix any issues or to provide that information to potential buyers.

It’s all about due diligence

Buying a property is a huge financial commitment, and it’s critical that buyers do their due diligence in advance.

Pest and building inspections are part of this process, allowing you to make an informed and educated decision about whether this is the right property for you.

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