Why can’t I sell my house?

There’s a lot of emotion and expectation involved in selling a property. Which means there’s nothing more frustrating than having it languish on the market without a successful sale.

And it begs the question, why can’t I sell my house? So, let’s look into five reasons your property may not be selling or attracting the interest you’d hoped for.

The price is wrong

The price you and your agent sets for your home is critical. Set it too low and you won’t enjoy the financial reward you’ve worked hard for.

Set it too high and it could detract potential buyers who see it as beyond their budget before even taking the time to inspect the property.

If your house isn’t selling, it might be time to reassess the price point and weigh up whether you’re ready to go lower.

It’s not the right selling method

Different properties suit different selling methods. Some perform well at auction, others attract a lot of interest when they’re for sale by tender or negotiation.

In these instances the market sets the price for the property, with people placing offers that establish the price.

Other properties are best suited to the private treaty sales method, which sees the property listed for sale at a specific price.

The general state of the market can also impact which selling method might be better and whether auction might be the way to go or whether private treaty is likely to get a better result.

The photos aren’t attractive

When it comes to advertising your property for sale, good quality imagery is essential. These photographs, which will appear on the real estate portals, your agent’s website and all other marketing, are designed to attract interest in your property and encourage people to inspect it.

If you find you are not getting many people at open homes, the photographs might well be the culprit.

The marketing’s not right

On a similar note, how your property is marketed plays a role in attracting prospective buyers to inspect your home.

If the write-up about your property isn’t compelling or it is not advertised in the space where your property’s prospective buyers will see it, people may not attend open homes.

The property’s not living up to expectations

While the marketing attracts people to the property, it’s the first impression that a prospective buyer gains when they view the property from the street and walk through the door that is imperative to a successful sale.

This is where preparation pays off in the form of tidying the gardens, decluttering the home and tending to any obvious repairs that might raise a red flag with a buyer.

If your property’s not selling

If your property is not selling, it’s time to consider a new strategy either in conjunction with your existing agent or with the advice of a new one.

Having a property sit on the market without attracting interest can feel very stressful, but the reality is there is a buyer for every home, and a home for every buyer.

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