Who’s your buyer?

As the old saying goes there’s a buyer for every property, and sometimes it pays to consider who that buyer might be as you ready your home for sale.

With the right type of buyer in mind, you can showcase the property’s features which are likely to appeal, while also maximising the value of the sale.

What do we mean? Well let’s look at the different types of buyers and how you can make your property appeal.

The different types of buyers

Although every potential buyer is an individual, there are some common groups that tend to emerge, including first-time buyers, upsizers, lifestyle seekers, professionals, ultra-luxury seekers, and downsizers.

The reality is often potential buyers might fall into more than one category, but when you ready your home for sale with a type of buyer or types of buyers in mind, you can really showcase the home’s attributes to great effect.

First-time buyers

First-time buyers often have a strict budget in mind. The likelihood is, this is their starter property, allowing them to get a foot on the property ladder.

That means a first-time buyer might be willing to compromise on big-ticket features like swimming pools, acreage, or even a big backyard simply to secure a property that is likely to enjoy capital growth.


This broad spectrum of buyers includes families, couples, extended family groups and those seeking just a little more space.

Often the features they’re looking for are ones that make a property really liveable.

In some cases, this might include a big backyard, extra storage space, areas for entertaining, multiple living spaces, and also features like study nooks and additional bathrooms.

Upsizers might also have a very specific location in mind allowing them proximity to school catchments or their workplace.


Encompassing singles, couples and professional families, these types of buyers often appreciate a touch of luxury, a whole lot of location convenience, and a low-maintenance lifestyle.

Due to their professional nature, a property that offers a retreat but requires little attention often ticks a lot of boxes.

Lifestyle seekers

Over the past couple of years lifestyle has emerged as a key feature that lots of buyers are looking for.

Often this lifestyle sees them forsake the big cities in exchange for extra space, acreage, or proximity to lifestyle locations like beaches.

These property seekers are part of the seachange and treechange movement, where they trade in their high-value city homes for a location that’s relaxed, friendly and often community minded.


This category of buyer needs little introduction, but at the same time it can be broader than many people believe.

The downsizer is looking for a property that’s a little more compact than their previous home, and the shift is frequently prompted by a change of life, where perhaps the children have left home.

Again, appealing to the downsizer is often about offering a property that’s low maintenance but might have other attributes like good local amenities and great community facilities.

Luxury seekers

This type of property buyer has extra finances at their disposal and is an astute purchaser who tends to know exactly what type of property they want and where it should be.

And they may or may not be willing to renovate an existing property to have it meet their needs.

Appealing to this type of buyer often involves ensuring every part of the home is up to scratch, and the property is presented in the best possible way.

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