When selling is tough

As much as we’d all like to imagine we can sell a property at our leisure, sometimes the realities of life prompt a property sale we may not have expected.

This might be due to a relationship change, a health issue, or a financial shift. But regardless, there are ways to ensure an unexpected property transition happens as smoothly as possible.

If you’re finding the idea of selling a little tough, here are some tips to assist.

Find a good agent

A good agent who you trust and can rely on can be a key differentiator between a property sale that feels stressful and one that goes as well as can be expected.

The right agent should listen to your needs, understand your situation and work alongside you to achieve the best outcome possible.

This agent will help take the stress out of the sale, using their professional expertise to make things easier and achieve the right outcome.

Ideally, they will be someone you can talk with, who will communicate with you openly and honestly and who will make the sale happen to help you move on to the next chapter in the best way possible.

Be upfront about your needs

Selling a property is part financial, part emotional and also often involves working to a desired outcome and timeframe.

Don’t be afraid to be upfront about your needs when discussing the sale with your agent. Their job is to make things happen in a way that suits you – whether that’s a quick sale, an extended contract to ensure you find somewhere else, or finding the right buyer to honour the legacy of your home.

Seek the required assistance

Depending on the situation, you might require assistance to find somewhere else, undertake necessary maintenance and repairs, or declutter and style your home for sale.

Again, a good agent can assist with this or connect you with the right people to help.

You might also feel the need to call in family and friends to support you with the process of readying your home for sale or making the required decisions.

Work to a best-case scenario

If all the ducks fell into line, what would be your best-case scenario after selling the property? This is the outcome your agent and support people should be working towards.

It the sale was unexpected, is unwanted or is prompted by a situation beyond your control, it can be helpful to map out your desired outcome and then work with the right people to achieve the end-result you seek.


Look after you

Make no mistake, selling a property can be emotional. It’s important to acknowledge this and take the necessary steps to make this easier.

Do take the time to say farewell to the property in the right way, to properly prepare both yourself and the home for sale if you can, and to share the journey with people you trust.

That might include decluttering, it could involve a final family get-together, or you might just like to close the chapter with little fanfare.

However you approach it, it’s all about what is right for you, and those around you should be seeking to support the outcome you desire.

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