What you might not have considered in your property search

When it comes to buying a property, there’s lots of things to consider, including the property’s price, its location, and its features.

But with those boxes ticked, there are also some other factors you might want to research about any property that you’re contemplating buying.

Here are three things you might want to consider in your property search.

How easy is it to access the property?

Access is something that often gets overlooked, but it’s important to imagine the practicalities of getting in and out of the property each day.

For example, how easy is it to get from the property to your place of work during your typical work hours? Can you safely and easily exit the driveway, or is it on a blind corner or busy road?

What about that drive to and from work? Will it see you driving into the sun in the morning and evening, and what is the traffic typically like along the route that you would take?

If you rely on public transport, is there suitable infrastructure located close to the home, such as bus stops, or train stations?

Factoring in how easy it is to access the property is important, because ultimately it affects the way you live in and use the property each and every day.

Is noise an issue?

Whether it’s near a busy freeway, or the property is located beneath a flight path, the noise you might experience residing in a home is an important aspect to consider.

And noise can come from a range of places depending on the property’s location, including nightclubs, emergency services sirens, sporting venues, railway lines, or even amusement parks.

Or, is the property on a busy corner where the noise of cars accelerating and braking might quickly become annoying?

During your property search, take the time to analyse the area around any property you’re interested in, looking at all the activities that go on in that area and the noise they might produce.

Then take the time to spend time in that area at different times of the day to see if there’s any noise you may not have expected.

Phone reception and internet access

Mobile phones and the internet are a mainstay of modern life, but that doesn’t mean all properties have equal access.

For some, mobile reception might be an issue, for others the broadband connection might lack speed, or maybe there’s no broadband available at all and the property relies on satellite internet.

If you’re running a business or working from home, the lack of these services could be a real problem. It could also be downright annoying.

That’s why it pays to check how good your mobile reception is when you inspect the property and then find out about its internet by asking the sales agent, speaking with your phone provider, and doing some online research.

It’s all about due diligence

Thorough research is critical when it comes to buying a property, and the more you do, the more confident you will be in your purchase.

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