What makes a successful sale?

In theory, selling a property might seem simple. You put some signs up, advertise it on a real estate website and sit back and wait for the buyers to come. 

The reality is far different, with a host of small, but significant decisions and factors all adding up to ensure a successful sale. 

So, what exactly is involved? After countless successful sales across the country, here are our top insights for what makes a successful sale… 

Method of sale 

There are multiple ways to sell a property but deciding on the right option for you comes down to the type of property, the speed at which it needs to be sold and your preferences as the vendor. 

Some properties lend themselves to auction as the method of sale, others are more suited to private treaty, and others still might benefit from expressions of interest. 

Your agent is the best person to advise which method of sale might suit best, depending on the property, the market, and your personal circumstances. 

Property presentation 

The way a property is presented is key to any successful sale, and the preparation for this should start well in advance. 

Things like street appeal, a great first impression and styling all count towards making a great first impression that leads to a successful sale. 

You can read more about how to prepare your property for sale here. 


Marketing is all about attracting the greatest number of potential buyers who will be interested in your property. 

In other words, it’s about positioning your property in front of the right type of potential buyers. 

And, between social media, the real estate portals, video, paid advertising and printed brochures, there are a wealth of marketing options to choose from. 

The right agent will be able to quickly determine which marketing options will suit your property best and will let you know their intended strategy when they first meet with you. 

This marketing strategy should be tailored to your specific property and the market at that moment in time. 

Price strategy 

If the price is right your property will attract the right type of buyer with a budget that will suit your property’s value. 

In other words, pricing your property correctly from the outset is critical. Price it too high and it may languish on the market. Price it too low, and you won’t receive the price that the property is worth. 

That means you should get crystal clear on exactly what your property is worth and the buyer it is likely to attract, then price the property accordingly. 

The right agent will walk you through this process, outlining why they believe your property is realistically worth a specific amount of money due to market conditions, property demand, and recent similar property sales in your area. 

Negotiating power 

All the above are the foundations of a successful property sale. But a key ingredient that is often underestimated is the negotiating power of the agent. 

A good agent will be able to get a prospective buyer across the line by appealing to their emotional connection to the property, outlining its attributes and informing them what’s currently going on in the market, along with what is likely to happen in the future. 

When it comes to a successful sale, never underestimate the negotiating power of a good agent. They take a potential buyer from one who is interested to one who is committed in the knowledge this is an opportunity they don’t want to miss. 

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