What makes a good neighbourhood?

The neighbourhood where a property is located plays a key role in how safe, secure, and happy you are likely to feel living in that area. And it’s a factor every prospective buyer should take into account as they go about their property search.

But what makes a good neighbourhood? Here are the top factors to consider as you assess the suburbs and regions that are right for you.

The importance of a good neighbourhood

While the property itself may be perfect, residing in an area isn’t restricted to the time you spend in your home. 

Often, it’s about the community around you, including the things you can do in your immediate region, the people you encounter, and the neighborhood’s proximity to the services and amenities you require.

Depending on your stage of life and interests, these requirements might vary, but experts also agree there are common ingredients that make for a good neighbourhood.

A safe place

How safe and secure you feel in the suburb where you live underpins your experience residing there. That’s why it pays to research a neighbourhood and spend time there prior to purchasing.

How do you feel when you are in the area? Do you feel safe and secure or are there indications this is an area with a safety or security problem?


Is the suburb located close to the things you need – whether that’s educational facilities, medical services, or your workplace?

In other words, how convenient is it in the context of your lifestyle? And again, this is subjective. For some convenience involves being located close to a beach. For others it’s available public transport.

But consider what you need and want from a suburb and assess it against the criteria of convenience.

Available amenities

In a similar vein, does the neighbourhood have the amenities you require, such as local shops, sporting complexes or green spaces?

Available amenities play a huge role in the livability of a neighbourhood and also shape its community feel.

Public transport and access

While the neighbourhood might be the place you spend the most time, how easy is it to access the other locations you need?

This means investigating aspects like available public transport or the transit routes you would take to get to the places you need to.


Great neighbourhoods have a sense of pride. They boast a community that shares a common philosophy and takes pride in the place where they live.

Often this is evident in things such as how well the properties and local amenities are maintained and the community spaces available.


Finally, neighbourhoods revolve around people and these people often share common philosophies and interests.

It’s a great idea to visit any neighbourhood you’re considering at different times of the day to see who exactly lives there.

Our top tips for assessing a neighbourhood

If you’re looking to find out a little more about a neighbourhood where you’re considering purchasing a property, these are our top tips…

Online research – Portals like Homely, realestate.com.au and other websites often have suburb profiles or even comments from people who live there. This can help you gauge the pros and cons of a neighbourhood and whether it’s likely to suit your needs.

Local councils – Check the website of the local council or ring them to find out future plans for the neighbourhood. Are there any infrastructure plans for the area or future developments which might affect your impression of the suburb?

Statistics – The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Census data allows you to drill down into the demographics and key statistics of local government areas and suburbs.

Spend time there – When it comes to gauging the feel of a neighbourhood, there’s nothing quite like spending time there. Visit the neighbourhood at different times of day and check out things like the shops, cafes, and local parks.

Ask the agent – Real estate agents tend to be local area specialists, so if a property piques your interest ask the sales agent about the suburb including its pros and cons.

Talk to locals – Locals know a neighbourhood like the back of their hand, so as you spend time in an area, connect with the locals and ask them what it’s like to live there.

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