What can I expect at a listing presentation?

So you’re considering selling your property and have a shortlist of agents who are the candidates to sell your home.

The next step is to invite them each to meet with you at the property where they will provide their feedback on the home’s worth and also outline the strategy they would use to sell it.

Known as a listing presentation, this meeting is a key factor in how you decide which agent is right for you.

So, what should you expect at a listing presentation, and how do you make the decision about which agent is the best person to sell your property?

What is a listing presentation?

A listing presentation is where an agent sits down with you to discuss who they are, what they offer, and how they would sell your property.

It’s the opportunity for them to listen to your needs, including why you intend to sell and what you hope to achieve before providing their feedback on what they believe the property is worth, how it should be marketed, and the best sales method to sell the home.

A good listing presentation should give you a clear indication of who the agent is, how they will work with you, the costs involved, and the marketing and sales strategies they would use for your specific property.

Property price

Listing presentations normally take place at the property. This allows the agent to inspect the home and give their estimation of the price it will fetch.

Market insight

The price the agent puts forward will be based on their market insight, including research of how many properties that are similar to yours are on the market, demand for such properties, and recent sales.

Part of the listing presentation involves sharing this insight with you, so you understand where your property will sit within the current market.

Marketing strategy

This meeting also offers the opportunity for the agent to share their approach to marketing your property. They will outline where the property will be advertised, including any additional marketing strategies that they might feel are beneficial.

The strategy they propose might include:

  • Website listings
  • Real estate portal listings
  • Brochure advertising
  • Newspaper or magazine advertising
  • Photography
  • Property styling
  • Videography
  • Floorplans
  • Social media

Sales method

There’s more than one way to sell a property, with private treaty sales, auctions, open to offers, and for sale by tender among the options available.

At the listing presentation, your agent will outline the sales method that they feel best suits your home, including the reasons they have for suggesting this method.

Your questions and input

While the listing presentation offers the opportunity for the agent to showcase their skills, it’s also a time for you to put forward any questions, ideas, conditions, or concerns you have regarding the sale.

It’s the chance for you to share the story of the property and let the agent know what you hope to achieve.

In other words, it’s an opportunity for the agent to listen to your needs and indicate how they will work with you to meet them.

What to look for

Ultimately the agent you select should be someone you feel comfortable with. They should have the skills required to sell your property but also be someone you trust and feel has your interests at heart.

The listing presentation is the prime opportunity to gauge whether that’s the case, and the likelihood is after meeting with a few agents, one will emerge as your preferred representative.

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