Virtual tools for selling your property.

It’s no secret the world is becoming increasingly digital and selling property isn’t immune to the technological shift.

As a result you might have noticed a rise in ‘virtual’ real estate tools, including virtual staging, virtual tours and a whole lot more.

So what’s involved and can going ‘virtual’ really help sell your property?

Virtual appraisal

Like a lot of digital tools, virtual appraisals really came into their own during the social distancing of Covid, and now they’re an everyday occurrence.

Basically, a virtual appraisal sees you do a video call with an agent where you walk through the property.

The agent then provides you with an assessment of the price they think the property would fetch in the current market.

The great thing about a virtual appraisal is that it’s quick and convenient.

It is also a great first step when it comes to gaining an initial idea of your property’s value and the agent you might like to work with.

Virtual inspection

Virtual inspections are a lot like virtual appraisals, but this time a possible buyer is being shown through the property.

These inspections can be conducted via a range of platforms including Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and more.

They’re a great way of showing a potential buyer through a property if they’re super busy and can’t make it to the open homes or if they happen to reside overseas, interstate or outside the property’s area.

Video and 3D tours

In addition to virtual inspections, there are also a number of other tech tools which might be utilized in the selling process to showcase the property.

These include videos and 3D tours.

Now commonplace in most property marketing campaigns, videos are a great way for buyers to get a ‘feel’ for the property, and help illustrate its layout, size and vibe.

Meanwhile, 3D tours are put together using a special camera which provides a 3D render of the property.

This allows people to virtually walk through the home, getting an idea of its size and the way the spaces within the home connect.

Virtual staging

Virtual staging has been making a bit of an impact recently, and it’s a great way to showcase how a property might be reimagined.

In this instance, the property is digitally ‘staged’ with furniture to illustrate how it would look, and it’s a great way of making the property photos look more appealing, particularly if the home is vacant when it comes time to sell.

Online auctions

Online auctions transformed the way properties were sold throughout the pandemic, and due to their success, it’s a sales method that’s here to stay.

Basically there are two ways of doing online property auctions.

The first involves using tech platforms where people can bid online in auctions that might take place over a couple of days.

The second option is more like a traditional auction, but offers remote buyers the chance to bid in a live auction, but from elsewhere.

Tech is transforming real estate

As with most areas of modern life, real estate is being transformed by technology. But that doesn’t mean every tech technique suits every property or every selling situation.

Your trusted agent is the best person to advise which virtual or other tools might benefit your property sales campaign, so speak with them about what might work and why they believe that’s the case.

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