August 25, 2021

Should a video tour be part of your property’s sales campaign?

It’s no secret on-again off-again lockdowns have put a bit of a spanner in the works when it comes to physically visiting a property that’s for sale.

It’s also no secret that the past year has seen us become a lot more tech savvy and people have increasingly turned to the virtual world to view places they cannot visit.

In real estate, that’s seeing a rise in sales tools like 3D tours and video tours, and if you’re considering selling your property, they’re a marketing strategy to consider.

So here’s how it works and the benefits a video tour can deliver as part of a sales campaign.

Some interesting statistics

Earlier this month, noted despite lockdowns in multiple states, buyer demand remained high.

In fact, their recent figures indicated buyer demand was up 19 per cent year-on-year.

And with some sellers hesitant to come to market at the moment, that means demand is far outstripping supply.

This is evident in capitals like Sydney where the auction clearance rate continues to sit above 80 per cent, despite nine weeks of lockdowns.

So what’s the key takeaway? If you bring your home to market at the moment, there are buyers clamouring to purchase.

And one of the best ways of maintaining sales momentum is via a video tour.

Video tours now a mainstay

Video tours are hardly new. Basically a professionally recorded walk through of the property, they help put a home in context, providing an insight into how much space there is, where things are located and how the home flows.

Accompanied by things like floorplans, they help a prospective buyer peruse a property in greater detail, allowing them to forge that all-important emotional bond with the home they’re considering buying.

One of the greatest benefits of a video tour is they allow the prospective buyer to ‘virtually visit’ the home time and again. And that’s important.

Even when open for inspections are available and people can physically visit the property, the time they spend there is often less than half an hour, and considering the size of the investment they’re making, that’s not much.

Not just video tours

While traditional video tours have been around for a while, there is also new technology available in the form of 3D tours.

These are created using a special camera, and allow the potential purchaser to explore and interact with each room of the property.

Like video tours, they allow the potential buyer to imagine themselves in the space while gaining a deeper understanding of exactly how the home flows.

So what’s the takeaway?

Agents have a wealth of tools at their disposal when it comes to marketing a property for sale. 

And in the current climate, these tools are becoming increasingly creative while also catering to restrictions that mean prospective buyers may not be able to visit a property in person.

If you’re considering selling, it’s a great idea to discuss all these strategies with your agent, who will suggest the methods they believe will work best for your specific property.

Lockdowns may have changed the way people access property, but buyer demand is still incredibly strong. 

The more you can cater to different ways that people can view your property, the greater opportunity you have as a seller to capitalise on the market demand.

Looking to sell your property

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