Top tips for a successful open home

When it comes to selling a property, open homes are a key part of the sales process, allowing potential buyers a first-hand experience of your home and what it offers.

When done well, they create a great first impression that’s likely to garner interest from buyers who are seeking to purchase your property.

So, what exactly is involved in preparing for a successful open home, and how can you ensure your property stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons?

A thorough clean

A clean, decluttered home creates a great first impression, allowing potential buyers to envisage living in that space.

And often this process starts well in advance of the first open home, involving a top to bottom clean of the entire property, including:

  • Windows and mirrors
  • Floors and carpets
  • Walls and skirting boards
  • Cupboards
  • Special attention to the kitchen and bathroom
  • The property exterior including water blasting pathways, pavers and decking

Tend the garden

Street appeal is the first thing that many potential buyers gauge when they drive up to a property that’s for sale.

That makes it important to tend to the garden prior to selling your home.

In the weeks leading up to the sales campaign, trim back any bushes and overhanging trees that need it, and tend to hedges.

You might also consider refreshing the garden with woodchip or mulch, and remove any weeds.

Then before each open home, ensure the garden is tidy and the grass is mown.

Undertake any required repairs

Obvious imperfections or incomplete repairs throw up an immediate red flag for prospective purchasers, so take the time to complete any unfinished jobs and undertake any required repairs well in advance of putting your home on the market.

Then prior to inspections, ensure everything is neat, tidy and where it should be.

A little interior styling

Your sales agent is the best person to advise on whether your home would benefit from professional styling, but even if staging is not on the cards, do consider the style and feel of your property.

Even small things like cushions, rugs and new curtains can make your home feel lighter, brighter and more appealing. So cast a critical eye over your property interior and see whether there’s room for interior styling improvement.

Prior to an open home, ensure everything is as appealing as it could be, including beds that are neatly made, cushions that are plumped, and towels that are arranged nicely in the bathroom.

You might also want to add some last-minute extras like fresh flowers or a thoughtfully placed fruit bowl to really complete the interior look. 

The right aroma

Aroma plays a huge role in evoking emotion, which is why it pays to ensure your property has an appealing scent.

This aroma shouldn’t be too heady but just enough to elicit a welcoming feel, which can be achieved through diffusers, room fragrances or scented candles.

The right temperature

When people come to inspect your home, they should feel comfortable and like it’s a refuge where they would like to spend time.

Prior to an open home, consider the property’s temperature and turn on the air-conditioner, heater or fans as required or open the windows to allow in a natural breeze.

Let there be light

A home that feels dark and dingy is unlikely to appeal, so prior to any inspection, take the time to open up windows and blinds to allow in lots of natural light.

If natural light is in short supply, turn on the property’s interior lights to create a warm and welcoming space.

Time to spare

There’s nothing more stressful than completing your preparations for an open home as the first potential buyers are arriving.

Clean-up well in advance of the scheduled inspection time, complete any final checks and exit the property with enough time to spare.

Your agent will take care of the actual open home, while you can treat yourself to a coffee, lunch or other activity elsewhere.

What happens next?

Once the open home has occurred, your agent will connect with you to deliver relevant feedback, including the number of people who attended and any comments they had.

They will then liaise with any buyers who indicated an interest in the property in a bid to get a sale successfully across the line.

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