June 30, 2021

Four tips for making a sea change or tree change

After all the events of 2020, a new trend has emerged in the property market, with many Australians re-evaluating their living arrangements and embracing the concept of a tree change or sea change.

If you’re among those who are considering embarking on this new adventure, here are four tips to help ensure it goes to plan.

Research your destination

It’s all very well to imagine living by the beach or moving to the country, but what’s it really like to live there?

Before setting your sights on a sea change or tree change destination, take the time to understand the community, the amenities, the employment options, and the feel of the area.

That means conducting research online to understand factors like demographics, available amenities, and proximity to activities you enjoy or facilities you will need.

Meanwhile, if you are considering working remotely from your new location, don’t forget to ensure basic services like internet access and mobile reception are up to par.

Visit in person first

The best way to get a true understanding of a new area is to visit it in person. Perhaps plan a holiday there or spend some time in the region before making a major property commitment.

This will help determine whether the tree change or sea change destination has the things you hope for as part of your new lifestyle.

Get the lowdown on the community

Every community is unique and each will come with its own nuances and history. Before loading up the removal truck and embarking on a major relocation, take the time to research the feel of the community.

This includes things like reading the local paper online in addition to visiting to understand the views and perspective of local residents.

Talk to a local property expert

If you are considering making a sea change or tree change, the best people to speak to are local property experts.

They can help you understand the area as well as finding all the things you’re looking for in your new home.

The final word

The past year has seen a major shift in Australia’s population with regional areas experiencing rapid growth as people seek to change up their living environment in the wake of Covid.

As a result, hundreds and thousands of Australians have taken the plunge in search of their dream lifestyle.

If that’s something you are considering, Eview has agents right across Australia who are each property experts within their local communities.

How we can help

Considering making a tree change or sea change? Whether you’re looking to buy into a new area or are seeking to sell in your current location, why not chat with one of our friendly Eview agents on 1300 438 439 to understand the state of play?