June 23, 2020

Things to consider when deciding to rent with a roommate

For many, deciding to live with roommates or friends, can stir many emotions and often be a daunting concept. Just ask anyone who has experienced ‘shared accommodation’, for a hint of their experience, and they’ll often be too eager to rattle off numerous horror stories, in hope to shock and amuse their audience. However, it’s not always dirty dishes and sprawling mess! When you find the ‘right’ housemate that compliments your living preferences, the experience can have many benefits, and positive outcomes.

Whether your contemplating the idea of shared accommodation in hope to live a more social lifestyle, for the obvious financial benefits or for the positive experience, the decision needs to be thoroughly considered.

Here’s a few things to contemplate when deciding to rent with friends….

Cross-check the figures

When you start considering the financial expenses around independent living, it’s easy to understand just how your financial situation can blow out. From monthly rent, bills, rates (if appropriate), property maintenance and upkeep; costs can quickly and easily pile up, leaving little to no ‘play money’.

When these costs become too great, many people look towards shared accommodation, as a means to reduce their financial living expenses, in order to free-up additional money to better suit their lifestyle. Although this can quickly reduce your expenses, searching for the ‘perfect’ home can sometimes become exaggerated and slightly difficult, with criteria doubling as you search for two individual’s needs.

However, if you put the expanding criteria aside, there are additional benefits, that make shared accommodation even more appealing. By pooling your money together, essentially doubling your budget, could see your suburb search expand into pockets or areas that alone, are unattainable. A desired area, even a larger home could now be a consideration, as you play with double the money!

Neat or Not

This can sometimes be where things get tricky, so it’s vitally important to find a roommate who ‘does life like you’, to help combat any friction trickling into your blissfully happy roommate relationship.

If you’re a ‘tidy house, where every item has a place’ kinda person, then you need to ensure your future roommates have the same outlook. This too, applies for the ‘more relaxed, laid-back living’ enthusiasts. Really, no matter your style, keeping in line with it when considering a roommate and ensuring they too, have the same home ideals, is important!

Trying to navigate a balanced living arrangement through dirty piles of washing, an untidy bathroom, or a kitchen that’s growing it’s own ‘friends’, when one roommate prefers a more hygienic and ordered lifestyle, will only invite a view of irreconcilable differences and frustration. And no one has time for that!

Smaller Bills

In addition to rent, everything is halved. The gas, the electricity, the water – they are all additional bills that will be compensated with a roommate. Not only does paying half the rent help contribute to a more flexible lifestyle, think of the possibilities when even your monthly property expenses are halved.

Depending on your structure, you could even get away with pooling your money and saving on general household disposables; think cleaning products, toilet paper, etc.

And, if you’re lucky to find a roommate with a stash of furniture, you may also get away with only needing to furnish ‘half’ of the house! may also have some furniture

How we can help you….

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