The value of great property marketing

So you’ve prepared your property for sale, have selected your preferred sales agent, have spoken with them about the property price, and decided on the sales method. Now comes the part when the agent looks at the different ways to market your property for sale.

As part of this they might suggest investing in quality marketing materials that go above and beyond a standard listing on the real estate portals.

But what’s the advantage of this and is it worth the extra cost? 

Let’s take a look at the different property marketing methods your agent might use and how quality marketing can help your property stand out from the crowd.

General marketing

When it comes to the sales campaign, marketing the property to prospective buyers is critical. This marketing is designed to appeal to the right buyer, in the right place, at the right time.

At its most basic, this marketing includes photographing your property, creating a signboard, listing the property for sale on portals like and Domain, and featuring the property on the agent’s website.

The agent will also likely alert their database of buyers that your property has come to market via an email that includes photographs.

Then, depending on the property, they might have further marketing suggestions that are designed to directly target potential buyers for your specific property.

Home staging

Home staging isn’t exactly marketing, but it can help your property put its best foot forward when it comes to property photography and open homes.

Your agent might suggest you have your home professionally styled in advance of photography in a bid to showcase your home to best effect and appeal to the right type of buyer.

Premium photography

When it comes to photographing a property for sale, there are a range of different techniques that can be employed, including:

  • Twilight photography – that allows the home to show off its look in the evening or at night.
  • Drone photography – which showcases the property and its position from the air.
  • Videography – which might comprise a video walkthrough or perhaps an interview with the agent, highlighting the property’s appeal and point of difference.

3D floor plans

Floorplans are considered a must when it comes to marketing a property as they help the buyer determine the layout of the home and its size.

As a step beyond, your agent might suggest 3D floorplans, which utilise a special camera and allow interested buyers to virtually walk through each room in the home.

Feature portal advertising

Each property portal has basic marketing options and then more premium features, such as ads for your property which pop up every time a prospective buyer runs a property search in your area.

For the right property, these can help direct attention to your home.

Print media

Although the bulk of property marketing now occurs online, print media remains a key way of drawing attention to specific properties.

In this instance, your agent might suggest running an ad in your local or state newspaper, or even in a national newspaper property liftout.

They might also put your home forward to be profiled in an editorial, which sees a journalist contact you to write about your home and its history.

Targeted Facebook advertising

Social media has become a highly useful tool when it comes to property marketing, and part of its allure is the fact you can geo-target buyers who are looking to purchase in a specific area.

Your agent might suggest employing targeted Facebook advertising to market your property to people who have indicated an interest in a suburb or region.

What’s the value?

The marketing techniques an agent will suggest are likely to be very specific to your individual property. 

While some might involve an additional cost, each different technique is designed to showcase your property to the right type of buyer in the place where they spend time.

Ultimately, that can help raise interest in your home, attract competition and even result in a faster sale at a higher price.

That makes these options worth considering, so it pays to speak with your trusted agent about the options they’re suggesting and take the time to weigh the pros and cons.

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