The top 7 home renovation mistakes (and how to avoid them)

If you consider our obsession with TV shows like The Block it’s pretty clear that Australians love a good renovation.

And it’s a trend that proved hugely popular over the past couple of years as people spent more time at home.

However, renovating a home comes with its fair set of challenges. It takes time, costs money, and involves a commitment that lasts weeks, months and sometimes even years.

With that in mind, here are the top seven home renovation mistakes that people make, and how you can avoid them.

Not having a budget

A successful renovation always starts with a clear budget and a plan. When you set your budget, be mindful of overcapitalising on the property, and also be aware that sometimes costs can quickly blow out.

Price things out in advance, have a buffer, and be clear on what exactly you hope to achieve by renovating.

Is it to improve the resale value of the property, to make it more livable in the long-term, or just to update it a little?

Poor planning

From timelines to costs and preparing for the unexpected, renovating any property requires good planning.

Do take the time to get quotes from people in advance, talk to them about availability, be aware that supply chain issues can impact the delivery of items, and plan the order in which things will be done.

Not doing your research

There’s an element of research involved in any successful renovation, and it ranges from researching styles that will suit the home to sourcing products and understanding how much value the renovation will potentially add.

In addition, you should research the property itself and the relevant local laws to understand any structural issues, constraints, or potential hurdles.

Failing to hire the right people

Australia might be obsessed with the concept of DIY, but that doesn’t mean you should be taking on all jobs yourself.

There will be times when the expertise of a professional is required, and while this might be an initial outlay, it can save you money in the long run if you have a job done once and done well.

Trying to do everything at once

While different areas of the property might need work, it’s important not to take on too much at once.

Start with the area that has the highest priority, and then progressively work through the jobs you want to complete.

This helps ensure you stay on budget, allows you to complete one area at a time, and also avoids the unnecessary hassle of living in a property that’s a complete renovation shambles.

Being too trendy

Yes, the latest trend and that styling you see in magazines and on TV can be alluring, but does it really suit your property, and will it stand the test of time?

Trends are just that, they come and go, so be mindful about being too trendy and instead go for options that are timeless or can easily be altered when the next style comes in.

Focussing on the wrong area

When you plan your renovation, it’s critical you focus on the areas that will benefit from a makeover most, and work through them in order of priority.

It’s also important to spend money where you should. Sometimes the cheapest option is not the best and can cost you down the track because it needs replacing.

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