September 22, 2021

The six biggest mistakes sellers make

Selling a property is a major financial and emotional decision, and it’s one you want to get right to ensure the transaction goes smoothly and achieves the result you desire.

It’s also a process where simple mistakes can cost you time, money, and result in unnecessary stress.

We’re here to ensure our sellers don’t fall into those traps, so here’s our essential guide to the six biggest mistakes that sellers make…

Wrong agent or no agent

An agent plays an essential role in the selling process, offering advice, guidance and market knowledge while also liaising with prospective buyers.

Selecting the right agent is critical. They should be someone you trust, someone you can work with, have proven results and be a professional who will devise the right strategy to sell your unique home.

You can read our guide to selecting the right agent here.

Setting the price too high

Every seller wants to achieve the best price possible for their property, but setting that price requires expert insight and market knowledge.

If you set the price too high, a property can languish on the market and fail to attract potential buyers. Ultimately that can cost you a sale. 

The best advice here is to know the market and work with the right agent to determine a sale price that will meet market expectations while also maximising the value of your property.

Failing to understand the market

On that note, it’s imperative you understand the market that you’re selling within.

In addition to speaking with a trusted agent, conduct your own research into factors like days on market for your area, and prices of similar homes.

Your agent will take you through each of these factors, but knowing in advance gives you a solid understanding of the market you are operating within.

Overlooking the little things

When it comes to selling a property, first impressions are everything. Before you go to market, take the time to tend to the little things around your home that might put off a potential buyer.

That means finishing any incomplete jobs around the house, and giving the property a spruce up. Remember small issues that might not bother you about the property, such as wall cracks or flaking paint, can raise major red flags for buyers.

Being too taste specific

Everyone has their own taste, but it’s important to appreciate that it may not appeal to everyone.

That’s why it’s recommended you take a good hard look at your property prior to sale, and remove items and furniture that are too taste specific.

Neutral and minimal is the preferred look to go for, allowing buyers to forge an emotional connection with a property and imagine themselves living in that space.

Not de-cluttering

In a similar vein, it’s really important that sellers de-clutter a property prior to sale. This involves removing overly-personal items, and clearing extraneous furniture, decorations and objects.

De-cluttering creates a sense of space, and also helps buyers imagine themselves living within that property.

 Looking to sell your property

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