July 28, 2021

The new inclusions buyers are looking for

There’s no doubt the past 18 months has changed the way people view property. After all, lengthy periods spent at home have altered our priorities when it comes to what we want in a home.

So, what are people currently looking for? Here are some of the trends we’re seeing, particularly in houses in higher price brackets.

Outdoor living

After spending a whole lot of time at home in the past year or so, many now view outdoor living spaces as a priority.

This includes outdoor entertaining and seating areas, patios, courtyards and balconies. These outdoor havens have proved a lifeline during lockdowns, and their popularity isn’t likely to wane any time soon.  

Offices and study nooks

This is another trend that has been spurred on by the events of 2020 and 2021, but even before then, dedicated work spaces within a home were gaining popularity.

Whether it’s a study nook for kids, or a dedicated office space, buyers are looking for areas that accommodate the need to work and learn from home.

In some cases, we are also seeing buyers of prestige properties seeking out dedicated office spaces with separate entrances, so they can run a business from home without clients needing to enter the house.

Guest accommodation

Whether it’s the in-laws coming to stay, or a teenager in need of a little space, there’s definitely a move afoot to accommodate visitors in a way that affords both the resident family and their guests privacy.

That means some properties are opting for two master bedrooms with ensuites – one for the home owner and one for their guests. These are often distanced from each other, whether they’re on separate floors or at separate ends of the property.

This shift is also about accommodating intergenerational living, with grandparents often staying for extended period or even living in the home, while children are also remaining at home longer than in years gone by.

Multiple living spaces

Teen retreats, parents retreats and media rooms have all gained popularity in recent years as we seek out extra space and room to move within our living environment.

In many ways it’s about being together, but also having the space to get away when we need to.

Lots of savvy storage

‘I have more than enough storage space,’ said pretty much no home owner ever. Storage is a big deal for most families, and it’s being delivered in increasingly savvy ways.

In the kitchen that’s seen the rise of the butler’s pantry, where you can store appliances and house features like additional sinks and dishwashers.

But storage is also popular in other areas of the house, including linen presses, walk-in robes, and nifty storage solutions like under-stair storerooms.

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