May 5, 2021

The importance of street appeal

We all know the value of first impressions when it comes to meeting people, but in property they can also make or break a potential buyer’s connection with a home.

Commonly known as street appeal, this first impression can inspire a potential buyer to want to know more, or on the flipside, can see them instantly walk away.

So how important is street appeal, and how can you improve it when it comes to the property that you’re ready to sell?

What is street appeal?

Street appeal is that X factor that sees a potential buyer instantly enamoured with a property they are yet to inspect, and in real estate, it’s critical. Often street appeal is the first item any buyer will look for on their list of must haves.

Good street appeal will see the number of people who inspect your property rise. In the interim it might also add very real value to your home.

So, if you’re looking to create great street appeal, what should you do?

Neat, tidy, and tended to

When it comes to selling, it’s critical to view your property through the eyes of a potential buyer. So, ask yourself, does your home look neat, tidy and tended to?

Are any unsightly eyesores out of sight, is the front garden welcoming, is there anything obvious that needs a little TLC?

The first glimpse of any property sets the buyer’s expectation of what they might need to address and how much they’re willing to pay.

Then it comes down to the small jobs which offer a whole lot of bang for their buck, such as…

A lick of paint

It’s amazing the difference a coat of paint makes, whether it’s the front door, the property’s fence, or even the window frames or roof.

A lick of paint not only makes a property feel fresh, it can also bring it into the modern era, while also remedying a whole load of wear and tear.

The roof over their heads

As the owner of a property, it’s easy to overlook your roof, but when you first arrive at a property the roof and gutters almost always make up the majority of what you see.

Simple things, like cleaning gutters and fascias, or water-blasting a tin or tiled roof have a major impact on how fresh and welcoming a property looks.  

The full impact of the fence

Not all properties have fences, but for those that do, the fence should be in good repair and presented well.

Again, this is another simple thing, but a well-presented, well maintained fence indicates the entire home has been lovingly maintained, setting the tone for what will be revealed behind the front door.

For the love of landscaping

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words and when it comes to real estate that picture is often initially painted via the canvas of landscaping.

Even homes with the smallest garden benefit from accents of green, but those with a front yard have the opportunity to create a compelling entryway to their property that invites people in.

Gardens should be neat, tidy and indicative of what buyers might expect to find within a home.

An enticing entryway

If a potential buyer goes on to inspect a property, their first impression will include the entryway.

Whether it’s a grand entrance, heritage-style, or simply a path to the doorway, the entryway to a home should be inviting, uncluttered and appealing.

That might mean the front door needs a lick of paint or perhaps replacement. The path might need a waterblast, or maybe hedges leading to the front door need a trim.

Either way, the entryway sets the stage for what will be revealed inside, making this a critical area of focus.

The final word

Street appeal can be the difference between someone choosing to inspect a property or walk away, and it’s one of the first things any potential seller should consider as they ready their home for sale.

With good street appeal, a property can see a potential buyer form an instant emotional attachment, and the more people who are interested in the property from the outset, the better chance the seller has of a successful sale at a higher price.

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