The importance of a great property marketing campaign

When it comes to selling a property, the marketing campaign is paramount.

This campaign, which includes everything from how the property is photographed and described right through to where it is advertised, is designed to pique the interest of your ideal buyer in the right place at the right time.

So let’s have a look at what’s involved in a great marketing campaign and why it’s so important to the successful sale of your home.

What good property marketing looks like

A great marketing campaign is designed to help your property stand out from the crowd. 

It will highlight the home’s point of difference as well as all the features, attributes and amenities that are likely to appeal to the right buyer.

This campaign is all about piquing potential buyer interest, giving them a reason to investigate further and attend that all-important open home.

So what are the elements involved?


Great photography is key to showcasing your property in the best light. Your agent will work with you to determine what areas to photograph along with the best time of day to take those images.

These photo’s act as a taster for prospective buyers, giving them a reason to attend the open home and see the property in person.


Over recent years, video has played a much more important role in property marketing campaigns. 

These videos allow the agent to create a feel for the property, while also enabling the prospective buyer to see the home and how it flows from one area to another.

In some ways it’s akin to a virtual walk through, where interested parties get an insight into the home’s vibe, layout and the space available.


One of the key things that people searching for property often look for is a floorplan of the home. 

This gives them a good idea of what’s located, where, in the home, along with the dimensions of the house and its rooms.

The property description

Put together by your agent, the property description creates a feel for the home, while outlining and describing all the elements that are likely to appeal to the right buyer.

This description will often involve finding a ‘hook’ that sums up the home and highlights its specific point of difference.

This description along with the photographs form the basis of all the advertising, including listings on real estate portals, magazine advertisements, property signboards, brochures and more.

Where to advertise

Your agent will discuss where they feel the property should be advertised in order to attract the right type of buyer.

In addition to the agency website, and real estate portals including and Domain, they may suggest investing in print advertising in newspaper liftouts or magazines.

They may also suggest a social media campaign, which is targeted specifically at people looking for your type of property.

The campaign that your agent suggests and the advertising they recommend will depend on the type of property and its price point.  

Top tips

When it comes to creating a great marketing campaign, your agent will work with you to showcase the home in the best light.

And to assist, it helps to consider the following:

  • Who is your ideal buyer? Is it a family, downsizer, upsizer, prestige property buyer, first time buyer, or investor?
  • Where do they hang out? As in where are they likely to look at property – is it in newspapers, on social media, or the portals?
  • What’s your property’s point of difference? Is it a renovator’s delight, a luxury home, resort-style retreat, ideal family home, great first property?
  • What makes it special? Is it a place with many happy memories, is it close to great amenities? Does it have incredible renovation potential, or extra space for owners to enjoy?

The importance of a great property marketing campaign

The property marketing campaign is a crucial element of the sales process. It helps your home stand out from the crowd and gives people a reason to attend the open home.

It can also be a big factor in how long your property is on the market and whether you achieve the sale price you want.

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