November 10, 2021

The four ingredients of a seamless property sale

Every person pondering the sale of their property would like to think it will be a smooth process where the property receives the price you desire and sells in a short time.

The reality is there’s an art to ensuring that’s the case.

Having worked with countless vendors to secure successful property sales, here’s our shortlist of the four ingredients that lead to a seamless property sale.

The right agent

Selecting the right agent to handle the sale of your property is critical. This person needs to be someone you can trust, who will offer honesty, feedback and seek to understand your position and your goals.

Akin to a partner in the sales process, they will boast incredible local market knowledge along with the ability to tailor the sales strategy to both your needs and the style of property.

Top tip

Do sit down with more than one agent to determine who is right for you. Write down any questions you have beforehand and ask them about their track record, their approach and how they would sell your property.

You can find more questions to ask your prospective agent here.

The right price

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get the property’s price right from the outset. Set the price too high and it might deter potential buyers which could see your property languishing on the market.

Set it too low and you will not receive the financial reward you deserve from what is likely to be your most significant financial asset.

It’s also important to note, the right price is about weighing a host of factors, including current market conditions, general economics, supply and demand in your area, the style of home, and the potential buyers for that property.

Top tip

Do your research about market conditions prior to selling your property, but be mindful that conditions can change quickly. Also bear in mind there are different types of valuations for any property, and the price you sell for always comes down to supply and demand.

The right strategy

There’s more than one way to sell a property and there are different ways of advertising it.

Selecting the right strategy is about considering the type of property, identifying the type of potential buyer and then ensuring your property is marketed to them.

Top tip

When interviewing sales agents, have them walk through their sales strategy for your property and get crystal clear on what they plan to do.


In any property transaction, negotiation between the buyer and seller is an important part of the process.

This negotiation involves understanding how much interest there is in the property, who the likely buyer is, how invested they are in purchasing and what they intend to pay.

This negotiation should also be transparent, with the agent actively communicating with all parties to guide them to a suitable outcome.

Top tip

Do assess any potential agent’s negotiation skills, asking them about how they have achieved outcomes in the past.

Find out how and when they intend to communicate with you, via what channel and how often during the selling process.

You are looking for an agent who will openly offer you feedback, regularly reach out to provide updates, and who is prepared to put in the hard work to ensure a successful sale.

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