The first 14 days – creating a standout sales campaign for your property

If you’re looking to sell a property, a great sales campaign is critical. This campaign is all about showcasing your home to the market, gaining interest from the right type of buyer, and then having offers on the table, so the property sells for a good price.

In any sales campaign, the first 14 days are critical. This is the time period when your home is fresh to the market and is likely to attract the most interest.  

So, how can you ensure your property attracts that interest from the outset? Let’s walk through what needs to be done in advance and what’s involved in that campaign.

The sales campaign

As explains, the average property sales campaign in Australia lasts 21 to 30 days, with the highest level of interest seen in the initial 10 to 14 days after the property goes on the market.

This campaign involves a series of elements that happen before the property is listed and once it hits the market, but the aim is to drive interest in your property and attract prospective buyers.

 In brief, the sales campaign includes the following:

  • Great property presentation
  • A good pricing strategy
  • Deciding the method of sale
  • A standout marketing strategy

Great property presentation

Long before your home goes to market, it pays to consider how it will be presented. The aim is to create a great first impression that attracts buyers to the property and delights them when they inspect it.

And this preparation can take time. It involves things like finalising any repairs, decluttering, tending to the garden, and making any minor improvements that might be needed to ensure the property is up to par.

We have some great tips on readying your home for sale here, but at it’s simplest it’s all about showcasing the home, its features, and its point of difference to prospective buyers.

A great agent can assist by making suggestions about any work they feel needs to be done. They might also suggest styling the property to give it a truly welcoming feel.

A good pricing strategy

Once your home is ready to go to market, you and your agent will discuss the price it’s likely to attract, and this is an important conversation.

The right price attracts the right type of buyer, with the right budget to purchase your home.

Set that price too high and you could put people off from the outset, which means the property might take longer to sell, and the price might then have to be revised.

Set it too low, and you may not get the return that you should.

Ultimately the market decides what it is willing to pay for a home, depending on factors like supply, demand, the availability of other similar homes and more.

But your agent is the best person to help you determine exactly what price your property is likely to achieve, based on recent similar sales and the current pool of buyers.

The method of sale

There are different ways to sell a property, including auction, private treaty, by tender, or expressions of interest.

Some properties are more suited to specific sales methods than others, while some markets also lend themselves to different sale types.

Again, this is a conversation to have with your agent, who will walk you through the sales methods that they believe will generate the best price and outcome for your property.

A standout marketing strategy

Standout marketing is the key to an effective sales campaign. This marketing encompasses everything from how your home is presented to photography and video, and where/how your home is advertised.

The aim of this marketing is to drive interest in the property and attract as many potential buyers to it as possible.

The more people you can get to the property and then through it, the more likely you are to have a prospective buyer.

Once those people have visited the property, it’s then down to the agent’s skill to identify who is a serious buyer and who is not.

They will seek each prospective buyers feedback and liaise with interested parties in a bid to create competition and ultimately offers for the purchase of the home.

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