The dos and don’ts of open homes.

Open homes are critical to the property purchasing process, allowing potential buyers to see the home in person and envisage themselves living there.

But what’s the etiquette involved when it comes to interested parties inspecting the property? Here, our team of national sales agents walks through the dos and don’ts of open homes.


Ask questions

Open homes are hosted by the agent selling the property, and this is your opportunity to ask them any questions you might have about the home.

These questions might include:

  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Have there been any offers on the property?
  • Why are the owners selling?
  • Have there been any renovations to the home?
  • Are there any planned developments nearby?
  • Are there any known issues affecting the property or restrictions impacting the land?

Inspect thoroughly

Open homes are the chance to get up close and personal with a property that you are potentially interested in buying, so use the available time to inspect it thoroughly.

This includes walking the block, looking at the property from different angles, and walking through each room.

You can also open cupboards, check the water pressure and even take measurements, but be mindful of overstepping the line between inspecting and snooping.

Take your time

While every open home has a set timeframe, it is okay for you to spend that time walking through, looking at it and quietly weighing the pros and cons of living there.

After all, this could potentially be a major investment for you, and you want to get a feel for whether the property is right for you.

You are more than welcome to walk through the property more than once to really understand its nuances, and pros and cons.

Return for a second inspection

On that note, if a property piques your interest, let the agent know and feel free to organize a further inspection or return at the next open home.

Take photos (with permission)

Yes, you can take photographs during an open home, but it’s only polite to ask for permission from the agent first and be respectful about what you’re taking pictures of.

Any photographs you take should be designed to help you make a purchasing decision, jogging your memory about specific aspects of the property.

Bring your children

Often buying a property is a bit of a family affair, and it is more than okay to bring your children, a friend or relative to offer another set of eyes and a different perspective.

That said, if you are bringing your children, ensure they are supervised and aware of the etiquette of open homes, giving respect to the fact this is a property that someone loves and calls home.

Take off your shoes, if asked to

At some open homes, the agent will politely ask that you take your shoes off prior to entering. This request is often made to protect the floor finishes and cleanliness of the property.

Bear in mind, vendors often spend hours preparing their property for an open for inspection, and it’s just common courtesy to assist by removing your shoes when asked to, or ensuring you don’t track dirt and mud through the house.  


Loudly critique the home

Yes, you are there to gauge the condition of the property and whether it suits your needs, but this is not the time for a loud critique of everything you feel is wrong with it.

If you have concerns about the property but are still interested, feel free to call the agent later and discuss those with them.

Make yourself too at home

Open homes are designed to allow prospective buyers to envisage living in a property, but that doesn’t mean you should make yourself too at home.

In other words, don’t go sitting on couches, lying on beds or eating and drinking in the property.

Be too nosy

There’s a big difference between looking in cupboards to gauge how much storage there is and being downright nosy.

This is not the opportunity to go through people’s personal possessions, comment on their lifestyle or rifle through their items.

In other words, consider how you would like your property to be treated if you had opened it to potential buyers.

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