The agent skills that matter now

As the property market returns to a time when buyers have more choice and less urgency, the agent you select to sell your home requires specific skills.

They need to be able to attract a large number of interested parties, convert that interest to inspections of the property, and then work with those interested parties to secure a purchase.

All this needs to be achieved in fairly quick succession to ensure you receive the price you desire and your home does not languish on the market and lose momentum.

So, let’s take a close look at the agent skills that matter now…

Generating interest

The first step of any successful sale involves generating interest in the property.

That means the home has to be priced correctly and marketed well to the group or groups of people who are most likely to purchase it.

And when it comes to the marketing campaign of any home, one size does not fit all.

Your agent should create a campaign tailored to the type of property and its potential purchasing demographic, utilising mediums that include the agent’s website, property portals, direct email, social media and perhaps even print media advertising.

The agent skills required to achieve this include deep market knowledge and proven marketing prowess.

Questions to ask of your potential agent

  • What price would you put on my property and why?
  • What similar homes have you sold in this area and what result did you achieve?
  •  What prices have other similar homes in this area obtained and how long did they take to sell?
  • What marketing campaign would you propose for this property?
  • Where would you advertise it?
  • What is the estimated cost?

Converting interest to inspections

It’s one thing for people to look at a property online or in the paper, but another for them to commit to actually inspecting the home.

Your agent should be able to clearly track how many people are viewing the property listing and then create a reason why these people should see value in the home and choose to inspect it.

This too is part marketing skill and part correct positioning of the property within the marketplace.

Questions to ask your potential agent

  • How will you track interest in my property?
  • Do you have a database of potential buyers?
  • What unique features of my property will you highlight?
  • How will you make my property stand out from the crowd?

Securing a purchase

Securing the purchase is where a true agent’s skill lies. This is where their professional ability to liaise with interested parties, seek their feedback, negotiate with them and relay this information to you as the vendor comes to the fore.

A great agent will have a proven track record of sales and be able to recount instances where they have secured a good outcome for a vendor even under tough conditions.

Questions to ask your potential agent

  • Can you give me an example of your negotiating skills?
  • How often can I expect to hear from you?
  • How and when would you change strategy if the property doesn’t attract the interest you expect?
  • How would you make it easy for a purchaser to buy my home?

The final word

The property market in Australia remains resilient and interest in buying is high. However, the heady days of the past couple of years where buyers outnumbered sales and price records were set each week are no longer the norm.

In other words, the market is steadily shifting back to greater balance, which means more choice for buyers and less urgency for purchasing.