Simple tips to tidy your garden before a property sale

As the old saying goes, first impressions count, and if the property you’re selling boasts a garden, this becomes one of the key focal areas to tend to as you ready your home for sale.

So, what exactly should you do in the garden prior to putting your property on the market and how far in advance do you need to prepare?

Here are some simple tips, tricks and shortcuts when it comes to tidying your garden before you sell your home.

The value of a garden

For some buyers a garden is a non-negotiable. It’s something they actively look for in the properties they intend to buy in the knowledge they’ll get to enjoy the great outdoors in their own home.

But many also appreciate, a garden comes with maintenance, and how much time they’re willing to devote to that may vary.

The bottom line is as you’re preparing your home for sale it pays to maximise the look and appeal of the garden while also minimising the amount of work a prospective buyer would have to undertake.

In the meantime, a gorgeous garden can indeed be the drawcard that has buyers selecting your property over another.

So here’s how you can showcase that garden to best effect…


A great garden starts with well-presented lawns which can often benefit from a little TLC in the weeks prior to taking your home to market.

At least eight weeks in advance, start giving lawns a regular trim, and throw down lawn seed for any bare areas to have them looking plush, lush and green.

Weed management

About eight weeks prior to the sales campaign kicking off is also a great time to consider any weed management.

Whether you choose to get in a gardener, do it by hand or use weed killer, it’s an opportunity to eliminate any weeds or plants that look like they shouldn’t be there.

Hedges, shrubs and plants

Hedges, shrubs and trees can often benefit from a cutback well in advance of selling your property. 

This gives them time for fresh regrowth and is the opportunity to shape them into a manageable state.

When it comes to creating a neat hedge, this process should commence well in advance, while bushes and shrubs should be trimmed back to allow for fresh foliage, and any untidy or dead bushes should be cut back.

A touch of tree maintenance

As you go around your garden tending to shrubs and bushes, take the time to look up at any trees around the property.

Tree limbs that overhang the house should be cut back, as should any limbs that are dying or simply look unsightly.

If a tree doesn’t fit the landscape or if it looms over the house, this might also be the time to have that tree removed.

A little mulch

Mulch or fresh top-soil helps a garden look loved and tended to. It also creates that manicured ‘wow factor’ and improves the health of plants.

Around a week to two weeks prior to having your property’s photographs taken is an ideal time to bring in some mulch or woodchip.

Usable areas

In the final weeks before the sales campaign commences, turn your attention to the usable areas of your garden, whether that’s a courtyard, pool area, patio or entertaining deck.

Do they need a touch of greenery added in the form of potplants? Or would they benefit from a tidy and clean?

Usable garden areas help set the tone of the property and help buyers envisage how they will live in the home, so don’t overlook the opportunity to showcase them to best effect.

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