Selling a property in summer.

As much as Australia’s property market booms all year round, there’s an art to catering to the current season when it comes to selling.

And that’s certainly the case in summer when lifestyle is front of mind for most property purchases. So what should you consider if you intend on selling your property this summer?

Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle

Selling in summer is all about creating the wow factor that showcases your property’s lifestyle.

Regardless of whether it’s an apartment, a beach house, an acreage haven or an inner-city home, it’s about highlighting your property’s credentials as a place to kick back, relax and enjoy a lazy summer with family and friends.

And that means concentrating on some key elements to give your property that welcoming feel…

Outdoor entertaining

Australian summers are all about outdoor entertaining. We just love a summer barbie with family and friends in the great outdoors.

That means showcasing outdoor entertaining areas at your property should be a priority, so turn your attention to sprucing these areas up and creating an inviting feel.

Green and gorgeous

On that note, a garden can be a huge drawcard in summer, creating a green refuge in the heat, but it’s not just properties with expansive yards that can embrace this green and gorgeous feel.

In a property with a yard, take the time to ensure it’s well-watered, manicured and has great street presence.

If it’s an apartment or a townhouse with a patio or courtyard, look to potted plants to create a green and welcoming feel.

Meanwhile, don’t forget about the indoors where well-chosen pot plants and flower arrangements help bring the outdoors in. 

Light and bright

Natural light is a huge drawcard in any property and there’s no better time to showcase this than summer.

When preparing your property for open homes, open up the curtains or blinds and allow this natural light to flood in.

If there’s a nice breeze, open some windows too and let that cool, summer breeze flow on through. And if you really want to cap off the summer feel and happen to have grass, mow it in the hours before an inspection so the breeze takes on the scent of freshly mown lawn.

Temperature control

If there’s one drawback to selling a home in summer, it’s that the days can be hot. And to combat this you should consider your property’s temperature control.

As we mentioned before, if your house gets a cool summer breeze, highlight that by opening windows and doors.

But if it’s really hot outside and there’s no breeze available, turn on the air-conditioners and fans to ensure your property offers a reprieve from the heat.

Consider your showing times

In a similar vein, work with your agent to carefully nut out the best times of day to show your property during the warm summer months.

For example, a morning showing might be better than a noon one when the heat is at its peak, or perhaps a late afternoon open home presents your property in the best light.

Regardless of what time of year your property is being sold, it’s important to open it to prospective buyers at a time of day that shows it to best effect.

Summer buyers

With summer also delivering the festive season, there’s often a misconception that the property market grinds to a halt over this period, but that’s simply not the case.

There are plenty of buyers still in the market right throughout December, January and February.

Some are seeking to secure a home before Christmas, others are looking to purchase prior to the next school or work year, while many don’t even factor in the time of year, they’re just looking for an investment property or place to call home.

Importantly, many buyers also have more time on their hands over the summer holidays to attend open homes, or perhaps they’re on holidays and are looking to purchase in that holiday location.

Together, this means summer is as good a time as any to sell a property, and an especially opportune one if you showcase your home to best effect.

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