Selecting the right suburb to buy in

You’ve established what type of property you want and the town or city you want to buy in, but what about the suburb?

Selecting the right suburb to call home is an important decision, and it comes with a checklist of deciding factors.

So, let’s walk through how you go about selecting the right suburb to buy in…


The location of the suburb will be critical and this is probably one of the first things you have in mind as you begin your search for a property.

Chances are, you know the suburbs you like, and the location attributes they offer – whether that’s city proximity, local amenities, or the infrastructure available, such as transport.

That said, it pays to spend time in that suburb before committing to your house search, asking yourself questions like:

  •       What would it feel like to live here?
  •       What shopping centres, schools, transport or medical facilities are in the area? and
  •       How long will it take me to get to work?


Different suburbs have different median price points, so budget is likely to determine which suburbs are on your potential buy list.

If you’re looking to glean information about the median prices of specific suburbs, resources like and have some excellent data available.

Meanwhile, you might have an ideal suburb in mind, but it’s a little beyond your budget. This is where it could pay to look at neighbouring or nearby suburbs known as bridesmaid suburbs.

Often they offer similar convenience and amenity but are a more affordable option.


Your lifestyle will determine the location of the suburbs you are looking at. For example, if you work in the city, you might be looking for a suburb with an easy commute.

If you have a family, perhaps good schools on your list?

Or maybe you’re seeking a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life, and perhaps acreage is more to your style.

Often your stage of life will determine the lifestyle you lead and the attributes you are seeking in the suburb you want to call home.

Length of time

This is an interesting factor to consider – how long do you intend to live in the suburb? Is it just a couple of years until you reach the next stage of life, or is it more permanent? Is it a place you wish to retire or where you hope to raise a family?

Some suburbs suit different stages of life and tenure than others, so make sure you consider the suburb as part of your greater property plan.


The suburb you call home is often intertwined with the community you want to live in, which means you need to look at the community amenities of any potential location.

This might include sporting and recreational facilities, school catchments, green spaces such as parks, or amenities such as shopping centres.

The final word

Selecting the right suburb to suit your needs is just as important as considering the size and style of the property that you intend to buy.

After all, the suburb is likely to be a place where you spend a significant period of your time, forging connections with your community or undertaking daily tasks.

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