April 22, 2020

Relocating during COVID-19? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

The reality of strategically organising an often-large scale move, really comes as an afterthought to placing the winning bid and securing your new property. Whether it’s your dream home, your first home or your adding to your already large property portfolio, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the fast-pumping heart rate, over-releasing adrenalin and the extreme excitement that comes from delivering the final financial knock-out blow to your competition, securing the deal.

Often the nitty-gritty contract details are finalised whilst adrenaline is still flying through your veins, retaining your body in the flight or fight mode for hours, if not a day or two.

But then it hits you.

The logistical nightmare of ‘moving’.

Even on a ‘regular’ day, the actual process of moving, can be largely annoying. Now, consider what it may entail as you remain vigilant and within the guidelines and restrictions associated with stopping the spread of COVID-19. Shriek!

Together, let’s breakdown what it means to move amidst COVID-19.

Moving; classified as an essential service?

KPMG, a global logistics and transport enterprise, published an online action plan outlining their operations amidst COVID-19. Stated within this release on the 24th March 2020, ‘as essential services, transport, logistics and supply chain operators must continue to function throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis’. Thankfully furniture removalists and companies of the like, fall within the transport and logistics category, and for now, can be utilised for furniture transportation if we indeed had to move home whilst Stage 3 restrictions are enforced.

As we all deeply exhale with relief, let’s not forget that should you be moving intestate and crossing borders, you may be met with slightly different guidelines and restrictions, as some states across Australia implement mandatory 14 day self-isolation periods, as you cross the border.

What safety measures are put in place to help contain the spread?

Move My Stuff, a large-scale Melbourne removalist company, suggest they disinfect their trucks (both the cabin and the storage areas) and ensure and promote ‘a good level of health and hygiene within our employees and contractors’. Working from home where applicable has also been suggested, whilst close monitoring of all guidelines and ‘advice from the Australian Government and relevant health departments’ is expected to help slow (if not stop) the spread of COVID-19 whilst continuing to maintain daily operations.

How can we help contain the spread whilst we move?

In order to combat this wildly contagious virus, we need to band together and play our own individual part, in order to #flatternthecurve. Following the Australian Government ‘s guidelines of social distancing, together with good personal hygiene, we too will be able to limit the spread, whilst utilising the skills and muscle of professional removalist to make our lives easier on ‘moving day’. Keeping your distance and practising clean and healthy hygiene protocol when unpacking will sure help, too.