How to work with your real estate agent

Selecting the right real estate agent is key to a successful property sale. But once you’ve chosen them, how can you work with them to ensure the best possible outcome?

Here are some quick tips on how you can work with your real estate agent to enjoy a swift and successful sale.

Selecting the right agent

The right real estate agent should be someone you can trust, feel comfortable with, and who has proven expertise in your local marketplace.

When it comes to deciding which agent you want to represent your property, the following should be taken into account:

The agent not the brand – When you engage an agent, you’re working with an individual. Regardless of what agency they’re with, it should be someone you trust and have rapport with.

Do your research – Take the time to research agents in your area and look at what recent sales they’ve achieved.

Local knowledge – The right agent will have excellent local knowledge, including insight into what’s recently sold, what’s on the market and the current depth of buyer demand.

A little rapport – As important as experience and skills are, your agent should also be someone who you feel confident in and comfortable with. After all, this is a working relationship that will likely span a couple of months minimum.

Working with your agent

So now you’ve chosen your agent, how can you work together to achieve the right outcome for your property?

It all comes down to open and effective communication on both sides.

Be open with your aims

When you engage your agent, be open and frank about the aim that you’re trying to achieve. Letting your agent in on your reason for selling and what you hope to do next helps them create the right sales campaign for your property.

Have your property info at the ready

Every property has information associated with it, whether it’s title information, the bi-annual rates notices, or approvals for things like extensions.

Have that information at the ready, so your agent can provide it to a potential buyer quickly.

Share the property story

There’s a good chance the property you’re selling has a story and that might just help create a marketing campaign with a real point of difference.

What is it you love about the home, and what features does it have that allow it to stand out from the crowd?

Ask questions

Your agent is there to help you navigate the property sale, and the reality is selling a home is something most of us do only a handful of times in our lifetime.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Your agent will provide the answers and walk you through what’s likely to happen next.

Be open to advice

Your agent’s primary job is to assist you as a trusted property advisor. That means they will have professional advice on the best way to sell your property, the price it will attain, how it should be marketed and any improvements that might be needed to maximise that sale.

Be willing and open to hearing that advice.

Trust the professionals

From the marketing of the property to the sale method and the negotiations with potential buyers, there’s a lot that your agent does behind the scenes.

And they do this day-in, day-out to achieve a good result for their clients. If you pick the right agent, you should trust them and take comfort in the fact they’re acting on your behalf with your best interests front of mind.

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