How to ensure a quick sale.

If you’ve made the decision to sell your property, the last thing you want is for it to spend a long time sitting on the market.

So how can you help ensure a quick sale? Here are our top tips when it comes to expediting the sale process as much as possible.

Choose an experienced agent

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, it’s important to partner with an agent who knows the market, is a local expert and has a track record of selling properties similar to yours.

During the sales process, this expertise will prove invaluable, ensuring the property is marketed to the right people at the right time, appeals to people in the right way and is set at a price point that’s likely to result in a successful sale.

Prepare the property properly

Selling your home quickly is all about attracting the attention of as many potential buyers as possible. That’s why it pays to prepare your property in advance to ensure it puts its best foot forward in both the marketing campaign and during open homes.

Depending on the property’s condition, a property can take a few months or weeks to prepare, and involves decluttering, refreshing the home and tending to any obvious repairs or unfinished projects.

A well-presented property allows buyers to envisage themselves in the home, and once potential buyers form an emotional connection, that’s likely to speed up the sale process.

Correct pricing

Pricing your property correctly is critical to a swift sale. And this is where a good agent comes into their own.

Your agent should be able to tell you what price the property will fetch based on recent similar sales, and current supply and demand.

It’s also important to be realistic about any current market forces which might affect the property price.  

Listening to market feedback

During the sales campaign, people who come through the property will be asked to provide their feedback, and this insight can be important.

This feedback determines whether the property is priced realistically, along with the level of interest in purchasing it.

Your agent then uses this feedback to determine whether there are serious buyers or whether a price readjustment might be needed to meet the market.

Method of sale

There’s more than one way to sell a property and some methods are specifically designed to set a clear timeline for the sale.

These include auctions and sales by tender or expression of interest. Each of these sales methods has a set deadline that’s designed to create competition and achieve a sale by a specific date.

That said, not all properties and not all markets lend themselves to these methods. That’s why it’s best to seek the advice of your agent when it comes to which sales method is best for your specific home.

Meanwhile, even private treaty sales tend to have a clear sales timeline, with the bulk of interest usually occurring in the first 28 days after the property has hit the market.

How we can help

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