How to ease the stress of buying

As exciting as it is to purchase a property, it can also feel a little stressful. After all, there are a whole lot of ducks that need to fall into line to get the property you want for the right price.

But, with a little planning, research and forethought, there are some tips and tricks to make the process a whole lot easier.

Here’s how you can ease the stress of buying…

Do your preliminary research

Buying any property always starts with research that includes gaining a good understanding of the suburbs where you’re likely to buy, the market and pricepoints in that region, and the streets or areas which offer the greatest potential.

It also includes research into any development or infrastructure plans for that area, along with how people rate it as a place to live.

This research helps you narrow down your search and enables you to make an offer with confidence when the time is right.

Know your needs and wants

Chances are you have a list of items that you hope your prospective property will tick. This might include its location, size, or features like swimming pools and outdoor entertaining areas.

Some of these things will be definite ‘needs’ which are non-negotiables. Others might simply be ‘wants’, which you would like to have in your new home but you could live without and potentially add later, if you choose.

Clearly defining those ‘needs and wants’ allows you to determine which available properties might suit your needs, and discard those which are unlikely to work for you.

Line up your finance in advance

More often than not, the type of property you purchase and its location will be defined by one key factor – how much you can afford.

If you’re serious about buying, this is something you need to determine well in advance by speaking with your lending institution or a broker.

Then, line up your finance approval prior to commencing your property search. When you have finance in place, you are better positioned to make a quick and decisive offer on a property that suits your needs.

Know your conditions

Sometimes when you’re purchasing, there will be conditions attached. Perhaps the purchase of the new property is subject to the sale of an existing one, or maybe you need an extended period for finance.

If conditions will be required, be clear on them from the outset, so you can make an offer with confidence and the sales agent knows exactly what it is you are offering the seller.

Find your team of professionals

Every purchase of a property involves a team of professionals who will assist you with things like legal advice, the transfer of the property into your name, and also any required due diligence such as pest and building inspections.

Find and assemble this team in advance, so you can move quickly on any property that piques your interest.

This team includes a:

  • Pest assessor
  • Building assessor
  • Conveyancer or legal expert

Looking to buy or sell?

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