How to create a sanctuary, and not just a home through winter

With the depths of winter fast approaching, many Australians reach deep into their linen cupboards, in search for the cosiest of blankets and cuddliest of cushions, as temperatures drop, and an additional level of warmth is desired.

More often than not, our early winter mornings are accompanied by a blanket of thick fog and dew-ridden lawns, met later with an unrelenting chill and freezing temperatures as the day unfolds.

And as the nation battles against the global pandemic COVID-19, households across the nation have looked to create a home environment that not only meets our physical needs, yet also encourages a more positive well-being and healthy lifestyle. Having now firmly adapted to a remote working environment, in conjunction with the Australian Government’s urge for its citizens to #stayhome when possible, our homes are now more than ever, providing an everyday, all-day sanctuary from the world around us.

So, how do we create the perfect sanctuary living environment? One that promotes mindful living and a healthy state-of-mind? Let’s explore exactly how to do this, together…

Calm the colour

You just need to walk into any day spa or meditative space to understand the power of tame and subtle colour. Walls splashed with neutral and calming tones, help create a relaxing under current for any environment, and often mirror earthy, and natural pigments. To create a calming and relaxing environment, steer away from bold colours, and stark whites alternatively, opting for tones of greens (such as sage), beige and warm neutrals.

Try not to view each room as an individual space, rather as a collection of rooms, working together cohesively to create simultaneous flow throughout the entire home. Keeping colour continuity in relation to wall colour is vital in creating a calm, inviting and well-balanced environment.

It’s got to be green

Gone are the days, where greenery is considered only for the garden. With many health benefits, including the ability to clear the air of toxic chemicals (such as formaldehyde and benzene), reducing heart rate, and decreasing the chance of developing a sore throat or respiratory condition, indoor plants are more than just pretty décor (although it’s definitely an added bonus!!).

If you’re considering an indoor plant, based on their purification ability, we’d suggest you investigate: Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, a Bamboo Palm, or even Peace Lily. These suggestions are known for their air detoxifying.

If you’re searching for an indoor plant to help promote better sleep and peaceful rest, we’ve got you covered, too. Plants that would be best suited to the bedroom include: Jasmine, Lavender, Aloe Vera and Gardenia.

Invite texture in

Texture – not only a serious interior trend right now, but an element to help provide warmth and interest, without adding clutter to your home. Start with a woven or fabric sofa, and team it with a natural fibre and neutral toned rug, to help introduce warmth into your space.

From here, consider adding cushions and a chunky-knit throw to help introduce interchangeable colour. Whether you like shifting your vibe with the season, or mixing it up as your personal taste develops, these additional elements are an inexpensive and really easy way to instantly transform any space.

Highlight the lights

Other than their practical sense of providing light to a darkened room, lighting can offer so much when creating a warm and cosy space. Think moody ambiance and a gentle warmth. When you’re searching for the right kind of light to help create warmth, consider using lamps with warm-hue globes. As a secondary lighting option (not always great as a sole provider), lamps can be a great addition to a multi-use space, to ignite a calming and inviting feeling for those cold and wintery days/nights.

How we can help

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