How a property is marketed for sale

The marketing of any property is critical to a successful sale, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

The art lies in highlighting the property’s unique features then marketing and advertising the home to the right prospective buyers in the right place and in the right way.

So, let’s take a look at how exactly a property is marketed for sale.

Part of the sales campaign

The marketing strategy is an essential element of a successful sales campaign and often it’s one of the first things your real estate agent will discuss with you.

Any marketing is designed to attract the widest array of interest from the type of buyer who is likely to purchase your home.

It includes, but is not limited to:

  •       Advertising the property on the real estate agency’s website
  •       Advertising the property on the real estate portals, such as and Domain
  •       Print brochures which may be distributed in your local area
  •       Advertising the property in hard copy print publications
  •       Email marketing campaigns where the property is showcased to the agency’s database of potential buyers
  •       Social media advertising to a targeted audience or via an agency’s social channels
  •       Write-ups about the property in relevant print and digital newspapers

What’s needed for marketing the property

When it comes to creating that marketing a few ingredients are required, and arguably the most important is great imagery.


Photographs and images tell the true story of the property and give prospective buyers a feel as to whether it’s the right home for them.

To achieve these compelling images, your agent will likely use a professional photographer who knows just how to highlight all the right areas in just the best way.

When discussing photography with your agent, they might look to ascertain what time of day the property looks it’s best.

In some instances, they may also talk to you about styling your property for sale prior to the photographs being taken.

Not all homes warrant or need styling, but it can help your property showcase itself in the best possible light.


When you use floorplans in your property marketing, it helps prospective buyers understand the size and scale of the property, along with where things are located.

These days, a floorplan really is a must as it also helps the prospective buyer envisage themselves in the home.

Video tours

Video tours have been a property marketing staple for a while now, but they really came into a life of their own during the pandemic when many people were buying property sight unseen.

Great property videos are often set to music to help create a feel, and also might include a bit of a piece to camera from the agent who discusses the features and attributes of the home.

The useful thing about property video tours is that they help the potential buyer gauge the feel and layout of a home, which can ultimately encourage them to come and take a look in person.

A write-up

Your agent will also put together a brief description of the property that will be used on their website, the portals, and in print advertising.

This write-up is designed to showcase the features and benefits of the home, including why it’s unique and why people would want to live there.

To create this write-up, your agent will likely work with you to outline the things that you believe are exceptional about your home.

How it all comes together

Once your agent has the marketing assets in place, they will list your property for sale on the relevant portals, print publications, and social media.

This essentially kicks off the sale campaign with the aim of creating interest and excitement that sees potential buyers attend the property for open homes.

And that’s why great marketing is essential. It’s all about creating the right type of interest that makes people want to come and view a property in person.

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