September 1, 2021

Going green – What sustainable features do buyers really want?

Over recent years, real estate has seen a major push towards sustainability with more and more buyers seeking energy efficient and environmentally conscious features in their prospective homes.

But what are the top items they look for when it comes to sustainability? Here’s a quick insight into the sustainable features that buyers really want.

The sustainable shift

A recent survey by found sustainability was increasingly relevant to people seeking properties to buy or rent. They noted 74 per cent of survey respondents indicated an energy efficiency rating was important, while 48 said it was of extreme importance.

The shift comes as everyday Australians become more environmentally conscious, and also more wary of the expenses related to costs like electricity.

But what exactly are they looking for?

Top five sustainable features

When it comes to sustainability, the report notes there are 11 general features buyers look for and all fall under the umbrella of energy efficiency.

The primary reasons buyers and renters seek these features include:

  • Reducing regular energy bills
  • Being environmentally conscious
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • And a personal desire to own a property that’s better designed

Solar power

Solar power is by far the most popular sustainable feature property buyers and renters seek, with 81 per cent indicating this is something they actively look for in a property.

In fact, goes on to note solar power makes up 92 per cent of energy efficient keywords used in searches.

Energy efficient lighting

Energy efficient lighting is the second more sought after feature. Comprising a combination of natural light and lighting systems that draw less power, it was a key feature that 71 per cent of survey respondents were looking for.

Quality insulation

It’s not exactly glamourous, but quality insulation that helps moderate the temperature of a home was important to 68 per cent of survey respondents.

Airflow (ventilation and draught proofing)

Airflow relates to the design of the home, allowing it to harness natural breeze to cool a property or reduce heat loss through draught proofing.

Over two thirds (68 per cent) of respondents considered airflow important.

Energy-efficient appliances

This one’s worth noting for both people selling a property and also rental owners; 67 per cent of survey respondents said they are seeking appliances in a property that are energy efficient.

The top five sustainable features were followed by:

  • The position of the home relative to the sun – 65 per cent
  • Rainwater tanks – 65 per cent
  • Size and position of windows – 57 per cent
  • Window glazing – 57 per cent
  • Sustainable or repurposed building materials – 47 per cent
  • Grey water systems – 43 per cent

The final word

Whether you’re renovating your property for sale or are ready to go to market, it pays to consider the sustainability of your property, in the knowledge energy efficiency is something buyers now actively seek.

It’s also a trend that is only likely to increase in the years to come as more and more Australians become environmentally aware and seek to realise the cost benefits of greater energy efficiency in our homes.

Looking to sell your property

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