May 28, 2020

Flirting with a potential tree/sea change? How COVID-19 has influenced a re-evaluation of lifestyle desires.

Since the rapid presentation of COVID-19 and the subsequent introduction of restrictions across our nation, our once ‘predicted and safe’ reality has been challenged multiple times. We’ve not only seen tight-knit communities, but complete industries forced to evolve and adjust in response to repetitive tightening of restrictions.

Yet, as we ease our way back to a ‘new normal’, subsequently awakening recently sleepy and sparse communities, many new lessons and ideas are pondered and explored. Whether it’s been the walks in fresh air, or the dreamy days filled with endless possibilities, COVID-19 has produced the opportunity for people to re-evaluate their true desires, with many reconsidering the need to live within inner-city suburbs, opting to explore a more stress-free and low-key regional lifestyle.

House Prices

What once was only considered part of a retirement plan, a tree or sea change has now gained wide-spread appeal, with many now exploring a more diverse range of options. For those currently trying to establish themselves within the property market, a combination of steady and exorbitant inner-city property prices, together with a new-found desire since COVID-19, to seek a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle, has lead people across many age brackets, to flaunt the idea of a more regional tree or sea change.

With the concept of being able to purchase ‘more bang for their buck’ in conjunction with the now proven ability to successfully work from home, a sea or tree change is far more appealing than what it was prior to COVID-19. Forced to adapt to a remote working lifestyle almost overnight, we’ve all learnt (including employers) just how undisruptive, and arguably more productive and effective, a remote working lifestyle can be. The welcomed addition of highly modernised infrastructure, together with fast-paced NBN delivered across many regional areas, has only provided positive momentum when weighing up options.

The silver-lining

When talking to buyers who are consciously flirting with the idea of a tree or sea change, one of the major concerns often voiced is the fear associated around limited employment, with many buyers unsure of exactly how their skill or trade will translate into a smaller, more relaxed community. Many worry about the hours spent commuting during peak hours, and the detrimental effects it would have on their bodies.

Naturally, there’s always high demand for trades within regional towns and communities. This too, usually applies for jobs within the health and education sectors. Yet, if COVID has taught us anything, it’s the potential to decentralise the workplace, and revolutionise the way we think about how we work and where we work, with the intention of limiting or completely eradicating the negative health implications, created within our workplace. Imagine limiting the hours spent commuting back and forth for many, on a daily or weekly basis – what a more efficient and stress-free environment we would be creating for ourselves! The need for travel to attend meetings is now insignificant, thanks to the extensive virtual world we live in.

Back to basics

Another positive to evolve during COVID-19, is the desire for many to go ‘back to basics’; aiming to continue this slower, more relaxed pace of life, even once restrictions completely ease. The guidelines outlined by our national government encouraged the nation to remain at home, unless necessary to leave. This alone, has regenerated the passion Australian families have for their backyards. The hurtling pace in which life was progressing pre-pandemic, meant many backyards were left unattended and unloved, by many households.

Unexpected warm and sunshine-filled days, together with tight restrictions, has seen many families depend on the area provided by their backyards, to offer additional space to utilise whilst at home. Veggie patches and compost bins have been reinvigorated, whilst chicken coops are reinstated, with many people trialling a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. This desire for space and sustainability is yet another reason many are enjoying dreaming of the possibilities involved with a tree or sea change.

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