November 24, 2021

Five ways to use summer selling to your advantage

With no signs of a market slowdown as spring heats up into summer, buyers are set to be out in force over the coming weeks.

That means right up until Christmas and beyond into the new year, the property market will continue to sizzle.

But how can you use summer selling to your advantage? Here are our top tips for showcasing your property to best effect over summer.

Evoke emotion

Selling a property might be a financial transaction, but make no mistake, emotion plays an important role in any buyer’s purchasing decision.

If you’re selling this summer, consider how you can showcase how it feels to live in your property over the festive season and beyond.

What are the standout features of your home that you love to enjoy over summer?

Is it a beautiful back patio where you relax of an afternoon? Is it the pool where your children spend countless hours over the summer months? Perhaps it’s the way the light shines through the windows, and the breeze catches the curtains or the garden that acts as a cooling refuge from city summer life.

These are the features that need to be highlighted during a summer selling campaign to evoke an emotional response in potential buyers.

Indoor outdoor living

Australians can’t get enough of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle and that’s particularly the case over summer.

If you’re readying to sell in the coming summer months, turn your attention to your indoor/outdoor areas and ensure they are presented to best effect.

Perhaps they need a fresh coat of paint, that patio might require a waterblast, or some well-positioned outdoor plants might create a private, oasis-like feel.

Light, bright and all about the breeze

Australian summer can be hot, very hot. So, during open homes, your property should be set up to showcase just how much of a refuge from the heat it is.

For example, if it’s a coastal home that catches a summer breeze, open the windows, doors and curtains and let the light and air in.

If it has a pool, make that area look extra inviting, or if you have a fabulous cooling system, showcase just how effective it is.

Don’t forget aroma conjures emotion, so perhaps mow your lawn the morning of an open house, or consider fresh flowers to evoke the feel of relaxed summer respite.

A garden that’s an oasis

Remember all the summers you spent in the garden as a child? Well now’s the time to tap potential buyer’s similar recollections with a garden that is an oasis.

Take the time to make all areas of your yard look inviting by ensuring your lawn is lush, trees are trimmed and neat, and gardens are tidy and mulched.

You might also wish to inject a little colour with some flowering plants if required.

And don’t forget to bring the outdoors in with hanging or potted plants on the patio, balcony or verandah, and interior plants inside the home.

Opens at appropriate times

With school holidays and the festive season, buyer’s routines change over summer, which offers the opportunity to schedule open homes at different times to the norm.

Talk to your selling agent about the times of day when your property looks and feels its best for summer, and these times might include evening open homes.

Looking to buy or sell?

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