January 27, 2022

Five qualities of an agent you can trust

Real estate agents might sell property, but make no mistake, they are in the service industry.

Their role is to provide a service that sellers and buyers can rely on when it comes to making critical decisions around property.

So how can you find an agent you can trust to act on your behalf when it comes to making such an important life decision?

Here are the top five qualities of an agent you can trust…

What you need to hear, not what you want to

A trusted agent will tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not in their own interest.

That means they might advise you not to sell your property at a certain time, or offer hard truths about how you can improve the property to achieve a better price.

They do so in the knowledge their role isn’t a transaction at any cost, but rather involves representing you as their client with the best possible advice.

Ultimately, they understand honesty and expert advice build relationships that transcend beyond a single sale.

There to hear your story

A true trusted agent is more keen to hear your story and understand your needs than they are to talk about themselves.

They want to know why you want to buy or sell right now in order to determine how they can assist.

That means there’s a good chance they will listen more than they speak and ask you important life questions before they offer advice.

They know every buyer and seller is an individual and what may suit one person right at this moment, may not suit another.

But their job is to help you understand what suits you in order to achieve your goals.

An area specialist

Any agent worthy of your trust is an area specialist with proven results.

They know the local market like the back of their hand. They can tell you what properties sold for what price in your local area and how your property compares.

They understand market forces and can offer current figures about demand, supply and their database of genuine buyers.

Most importantly, their results and testimonials back up their claims.

Totally transparent

How an agent intends to sell your property or help you purchase one should not be a secret.

Once they understand your needs and goals, they will walk you through the process with clarity and transparency.

They will guide you and support you, committing to assist in any way they can.

Most importantly, they will be crystal clear on exactly how this will work, including when and how they will contact you and keep you abreast of events as they unfold.

Rave reviews

An agent can say what they will, but the proof is in the experience of their previous clients.

An agent you can trust will have a wealth of positive reviews and testimonials, speaking to their skills, their expertise, and their customer service.

Key words to look for include professionalism, clear communication and their ability to go above and beyond, because these are the key skills of the person you want in your corner in the form of an agent you can trust.

Looking to buy or sell?

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