Experts to have on your team during a property sale

Often the sweetest successes are accomplished by a team and that’s definitely the case when it comes to selling a property.

If you’re selling your home or an investment property, you want a team around you who have the collective goal of ensuring your property attracts the interest and price you deserve, and the process is as smooth and seamless as possible

So, who should be on that team? Here are four experts to have on hand during a property sale.

A really good agent

A really good real estate agent who you feel you can work with and trust is key to a successful property sale.

This expert will have in-depth market knowledge, be a great communicator and seek to understand what you’re hoping to achieve with any property sale.

They will then put their expertise to use, setting the price for the property, devising the right marketing campaign, and helping you determine which sales method suits your property best.

Legal representation

Whether you opt to go with your own solicitor or a conveyancer, legal representation is a must when it comes to selling or buying a property.

This expert will help guide you through the sales process, ensuring all deadlines are met, determining any clauses that need to be added or removed from the sales contract, and basically ticking all the legal boxes required throughout the transaction.

That legal representative should have good knowledge of real estate law in the relevant state where your property is located.

They will work with you to ensure nothing is left to chance, and that the buyer meets all required deadlines from the point they first make an offer right through to the date of settlement.

Trusted tradespeople

If you intend to sell your property, repairs or improvements might be required to ensure it attracts the best possible buyer and the right price.

This is where expert tradespeople can be invaluable. You might have your own preferred tradespeople, or alternately your trusted agent can refer you to some.

However, these people work with you to make sure your property is in good repair, is appealing and is ready to go on the market.

In addition to tradespeople who undertake repairs and improvements, you might also wish to engage pest and building inspectors to conduct initial inspections of the property that you can provide to buyers.

In most cases buyers undertake this themselves, however having pest and building inspection documents completed and handy can help in the sales process and might be worth discussing with your agent.

Meanwhile, your property might also benefit from staging, which sees the home professionally styled to showcase it to best effect. Again, your agent can recommend a suitable stylist.

A support crew

Selling a property is both an emotional and financial journey, so it pays to have a support crew around you to assist.

This team of trusted friends and family can help with the little things, such as decluttering, putting extraneous items in storage or making decisions throughout the sales process.

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