Eight reasons you need an agent

In a hot property market it can be tempting to think houses just sell themselves. But that’s never the case.

No matter what the property market is doing – the prices being achieved, or the speed at which real estate is transacting – it pays to have a great agent in your corner to guide you through the process.

That agent will work tirelessly on your behalf, marketing the home, showing it to people and then negotiating the best outcome possible.

With that in mind, here are eight reasons you need an agent when it comes time to sell one of your most important financial assets.

Market experts

Professional real estate agents are market experts. Each day they know exactly what’s selling in their local region for what price.

They have an intimate understanding of supply and demand, including the type of buyer your specific property will suit, and how many of those people are currently on the lookout to purchase.

Marketing pros

A key part of a real estate agent’s role is marketing the property for sale. Their job is to get that home in front of as many potential buyers as possible and generate real interest.

In some cases they will use social media, in other instances it will be more traditional print press and real estate portals.

But the marketing strategy they put together for a property is essential to a successful sale, and your agent will have a solid understanding of exactly what works and what doesn’t in your local market.

Spotting the tyre kickers

Australians just love real estate, but there’s a big difference between people who just want a sneak peek inside a home and those who are serious about buying.

It’s your agent’s job to determine who those interested parties are. 

They will then work with them to understand whether they are currently in a position to buy, for what price, under what conditions.

Their database

As property market experts, great agents will have a database of people who are looking to buy. This database includes information of what these buyers are looking for, where, for what price.

When you’re selling, having access to this database can be a gamechanger. If your agent can pair your home with someone who already exists on their database it can save you time and effort, and quickly get a property sale across the line.

The opens

There’s an art to staging a successful open home, and this is where a great agent will shine.

They will use this opportunity to showcase the property’s features and attributes to potential buyers, while gauging who exactly is potentially serious about buying your home.

In the process, they will offer advice to ensure your property is presented as best as possible so it can achieve a price that suits.

Negotiating nous

When your property attracts serious interest, your agent steps in to negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf. 

They will handle all the buyer inquiries, determine how serious all the interested parties are and negotiate the terms, conditions and price point that will get that sale across the line.

All that legal stuff

Behind the scenes there’s a legal process to selling a property, including drawing up contracts and ensuring specific conditions are met.

Your agent handles the drawing up of these contracts, including any conditions or stipulations that the buyer or seller may have.

Each party’s respective legal advisors then check these documents and help meet the required deadliness and conditions that are included in the Contract of Sale.

Trusted advice

Most importantly, an agent is there to give you trusted advice. 

As they are not emotionally connected to the property, they will use their professional expertise to guide you through the process, including setting the price, preparing the home for sale, hosting open homes and so much more.

Their job is to make selling your property stress-free and they will tap into a wealth of industry insight and expertise to achieve the right outcome on your behalf.

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