June 23, 2021

What should sellers do during an open home?

The ‘for sale’ signs are up, your property has been advertised and that first open home is fast approaching. So what should you as the seller do while potential buyers peruse your home?

Here are our quick tips for ensuring your open home goes smoothly, including what sellers should do in advance of and during an open home.

Before an open home

Truth be told, most of the work for an open home is done in the weeks and days prior. Your home should be neat, tidy, in good repair and appealing to prospective buyers.

On the day of the open, there will probably be some last-minute tidying to undertake, along with some finishing touches.

These include:

  • Ensuring the house is clean, tidy and uncluttered
  •  Casting an eye over the exterior to make sure it’s warm and inviting, the garden is tidy, and it’s free of any personal items like toys, pet items etc.
  • Opening up curtains and blinds to allow in natural light inside
  • Ensuring the house has a nice aroma
  • A final vacuum or sweep
  • Perhaps some fresh flowers

During the open home

An open home is all about inviting potential buyers into the property and allowing them to envisage the space as their own.

The main aim is for them to forge an emotional connection with the property, and here are the top things the seller can do to assist…

Give buyers space

In most cases, it’s best the sellers are absent during an open home. This allows potential buyers to view the property at their leisure and speak freely with the agent.

If you remain at the property during the open, the prospective buyers may have questions they feel uncomfortable asking in front of the home owner, or they may feel like they’re intruding on your personal space and fail to give the property the attention it deserves.

Remember, purchasing a property is one of the biggest decisions that most people make in their lifetime, so it’s a good idea to give a potential buyer the space they need in order to make the right decision for them.

Remove pets

As much as you love your four-legged friends, potential buyers may not feel the same. That’s why we advise sellers to take their pets with them during an open home.

Not only can pets be a distraction, in some cases they might be a deterrent to potential buyers who are looking to explore the property at their leisure.

Meanwhile, there’s also the welfare of your pet to consider. A crowd of people coming into their home might make them nervous, or that side gate may unwittingly be left wide open, allowing them to escape.

Put away personal items

As we mentioned earlier, the aim of an open home is to have a potential buyer forge an emotional connection with the property. Just prior to the open, cast your eye around your home and ensure personal items are tucked away.

This includes things like photographs, memorabilia, and children’s toys.

How we can help

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