October 13, 2021

Does your real estate agent have hidden skills?

When you think about the role of a real estate agent, it seems simple, right? They sell properties. And in a market like the present, it might seem like selling is easy.

Well, don’t be too hasty in jumping to that conclusion, there’s a lot of legwork behind the scenes when it comes to setting the right price, marketing the property to the right people, and negotiating with both the buyer and seller.

So let’s take a sneak peak behind the scenes, looking at the hidden skills of your real estate agent.

Valuing the property

Selecting the right price for any property is paramount. Set it too low and you miss out on the profit your property rightfully deserves. Set it too high and the home could languish on the market, resulting in a protracted sales period at best, or at worst a missed sale.

In fact, accurately valuing a property is a unique skill that draws on market knowledge, insight and an understanding of potential buyers.

Marketing the property

Every property is unique and deserves a marketing campaign to suit. The best real estate agents have a distinct talent at marketing or a team behind them who assists.

This allows your agent to position your property in front of the largest bank of potential buyers possible, attracting interest from the outset.

Often this marketing is also multi-faceted, spanning social media, print, the real estate portals and even an agent’s oh so valuable database of contacts.

Gauging interest

There’s an element to property sales that’s part mind-reader and a large part people skills. From the outset of your property’s sales campaign, your agent will be reading the market and seeking feedback about how prospective buyers feel about your home.

They will be looking to determine whether the price is right, who’s seriously interested, whether they’re in a position to buy, any conditions they might require, and how much they are willing to pay.  


A core skill of any good real estate agent is their ability to negotiate in order to obtain the best price possible and secure a sale.

This talent sees your agent hard at work behind the scenes making phone calls, handling offers, liaising with you and working tirelessly on your behalf to formally seal the deal.

Finalising the sale

Once there’s an offer on a property, you might assume that’s where an agent’s role concludes. Not so!

In the interests of leaving nothing to chance, your agent will be working with you and the buyer to dot the i’s and cross all the t’s to get your property across the line and officially sold.

They’ll be there to support you throughout the sales process, assisting in any way they can to ensure it’s a smooth transaction and a stress-free experience.

Looking to sell your property

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