January 9, 2020

Did you know it’s the perfect time to sell?

For most people, the summer frivolities are a distant memory that we’re all trying desperately to hold onto as we wrestle with our suit jacket and head back into the office, kick-starting our ‘best year yet’. Whether you spent your time meandering the main streets of a salty beach town, ice-cream in hand, gazing at real estate windows, thinking of what could be, or perhaps you spent your well-deserved time off at home ‘spring cleaning’, the idea of a property change is now more than ever, starting to penetrate your thoughts.

But, why now?

As agents and professionals in the field, we are often asked ‘is this a good time to sell?’, or ‘how’s the market? Would you sell your own home now?’. The truth is, this time of year many agents are achieving their most successful months; attaining optimal sale prices within our communities, as many homeowners look to secure and settle their new home before the Easter break and new school term commences.
This time of year, we’ll also see a re-activation of existing buyers regain their interest in purchasing a home, and in conjunction to this, we’ll be introduced to a fresh group of buyers looking to enter the market. These fresh, new buyers will bring a renewed sense of optimism, hoping to secure a home and begin their new lifestyle, as the new year begins.

And what better time to sell!

In any case, long summer days and a positive new year breathes a revitalized hope and an invigorating excitement, as to what’s to be for the new year. Longer days equates to better weather and extended daylight, providing further opportunities for buyer viewing times. Not only does the sunlight bring optimism, but most often than not, properties are at their prime. The combination of warm weather and sprinkles of rain bring our gardens to life; and what once was ‘cobweb city’ on the back deck, is now a buzzing outdoor hub, full of colourful cushions, centered around a flourishing garden. Our outdoor rooms now compliment our homes, adding further, well-utilized additional spaces, which help set the scene for people when they envisage living in your home, as their own.
In addition to this, bank interest rates are at an all-time low, making it that little bit easier when we’re calculating mortgage sums and monthly mortgage repayments. Supplement this with the growing buyer interest we’re currently experiencing, and we’re close to creating the perfect alignment, making this a great time to sell.

So, what’s next?

Venturing into unknown is often scary and yet super exciting all at the same time, so if you would like to be settled in your new home before the Easter Bunny finds you, now is a great time to start planting your seeds and exploring your options. Sometimes the best way to start is by engaging a local agent to assist you with any questions you may have. They can also help decipher what does and doesn’t need to be done, in order to help achieve your optimum selling price. Take your dreams and turn them into reality, making this your year of action!