June 23, 2020

Creating a warm, cosy, and relaxed environment, ready for winter

As restrictions continue their hold across the nation, resisting the idea of a second wave of COVID-19, Australian’s prepare for a chilly, long, isolated winter at home. The recent announcements within Victorian this week, extend current timeframes, identifying further restrictions, reducing limits on social gatherings and reiterating the ‘work from home’ ideals.

Yet, with months of isolation and confinement already under our belts, how do we revitalise and revamp our homes not only in time for winter, but in order to survive further isolating restrictions!

Let’s take a look at how we can fall back in love with our homes, as we gear up to beat the cold, stay warm and get cosy, this winter!

Besides the heater

With many of us now heading indoors, now is the time to address any heating concerns or failures, before tradesman become too ‘popular’, and the real winter chill arrive.

Besides the obvious heating solutions, there are multiple ways we can add warmth to our home. Just as we change our wardrobe to match the season, so too, do we do this inside our home environment. Rather than relying on the statement pieces, of our wardrobes (the faux fur coats, the thick and dramatic capes, knitted socks, and big winter woollies), it’s the finer details in the accessorising, that speaks volumes.

Winter is the perfect time to start thinking about textures within your space. Think chunky big knits, neutral toned sheepskins, and crochet blankets – all perfect accessories to warm up your environment, making it inviting and comfortable on those fiercely cold days.

Decide on a wintery, yet contemporary colour palette, and incorporate it using new tea towels or a fresh set of bed linen. Artwork is another great option here too, aiding in shifting the palette away from the previous autumnal colours, helping set the tone for winter.

The right light

Winter’s signature weather always includes a bucket-full of dark, gloomy, and wintery days, together, with early sunsets and dark late afternoons. Such a contrast to the long, lazy, hot afternoons we’re acquainted with during summer, which is why we need to adjust our lighting solutions, accordingly. It’s not uncommon to find most homes by 5pm, drenched in artificial light, as they begin scurrying for dinner options and/or kid’s bath-time. It’s this distinct change in external light, that ensures our adjustment, by adding further light sources inside.

A large, bright lamp can instantly help fill an empty or awkward space, whilst beaming an ambiance that sings a soft, warming glow. Good lighting can help reinforce your design story, whilst enhancing an environment with its functionality.

Which texture?

The use of texture in your home, especially in winter, is paramount when trying to capture a warm, cosy atmosphere. When considering how, where and in what format to add texture, it’s best to start at the ground, and work up.

Start by adding in a soft, textural rug to help disperse sound and amplify the softness. Rugs are great to soften harder floor types, such as timber, tile, or concrete, whilst obviously feeling fabulous under foot. Try layering them for additional warmth and added stylish feel.

Next up, you will want to consider cushions and/or a throw for your couch. This is where a dramatic and chucky knit throw can really speak volumes to add warmth into your space. When deciphering cushions, take your time to find complimentary textures, including velvet, linen, and even faux fur. Textural cushions are a really easy way to add warmth, colour and cosiness into the space and are the perfect décor piece to swap in or out, depending on the season!

When deliberating on complimentary accessories, tonal colours work perfectly together, softly harmonising the addition of colour, without being the main focal point of the space. Layering numerous books and scented candles can also add additional texture, scent and warmth for winter.

How we can help…

If you’re considering a change up, a revamp or an internal redo, and would like some advice on where to start, our highly experienced and friendly agents are ready to speak with you. Our agents can help advise how best to dress your home for sale, whilst providing local knowledge to best suit your needs.

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