July 14, 2021

Considering selling in spring? Now’s the time to prepare your property

Although the weather might be a little chilly, spring is just around the corner, bringing with it the prime selling time of the year when it comes to real estate.

In fact, spring selling season is only six or so weeks away, making now the time to start preparing your property for a potential sale.

So what should you be doing? Here’s our checklist for spring selling.

Get that garden ready

The big reason that spring is such a popular time of year to sell property is because gardens are in full bloom and often looking their best.

Now’s the time to maximise your spring garden’s potential and create that all-important street appeal.

That means trimming back any shrubs and hedges, planting spring flowers and fertilising your garden and lawn to ensure they’re in peak condition.

Maintenance and repairs

Small faults can quickly raise red flags with potential buyers, so take a look at your property with a critical eye and consider any areas which need maintenance or repair.

It’s a great idea to create a list of issues that need fixing and prioritise them, working on the more obvious and serious repairs first.

Pare back

The aim of the selling game is to have potential buyers forge an emotional connection with your property and envisage themselves living in that space.

That’s why it pays to prepare by clearing your home of extraneous personal possessions and knick knacks.

It’s also a good idea to consider the furniture in your home, and remove any overly large items that may clutter or overwhelm a space.

A little spring clean

You want your home to be in the best condition possible when it goes to market, so a spring clean of the property is a must.

We suggest progressively going from room to room and giving each a tidy, including inside cupboards.

Know the market

If you are considering selling in the months ahead, it’s important to understand what the market in your area is doing.

Conduct a little research online, look for similar properties to yours, and perhaps even visit some open homes.

This will give you a good idea of buyer demand, current prices, and how long properties are taking to sell.

Talk to an agent

It’s a great idea to talk to an agent (or even a few) long in advance of putting your home up for sale.

Invite them to see your property, appraise it and provide their advice on the selling strategy that would suit, along with any improvements they believe need to be made.

By speaking with agents in advance, you can begin to narrow down the agent who is likely to best suit your needs, while also gaining further insight into current market conditions in your area.

Get your paperwork together

When it comes time to sell, there’s some paperwork which a potential buyer will likely need, including floor plans, approvals and more.

Take the time to assemble these documents so you have them at hand when it comes time to engage an agent and put your property on the market.

How we can help

Considering selling your property? Why not chat with one of our friendly Eview agents on 1300 438 439 to organise an appraisal and understand the state of play in your specific area.