Are you ready for a seachange or treechange?

Browsing the lifestyle magazines and feeling the allure of a sea change or tree change? If so, you’re not alone. The events of the past five years have really put things in perspective when it comes to where we live and how we spend our time.

That said, packing up your life and making an escape to the countryside, hinterland or beach isn’t an endeavour to take lightly.

It’s a significant decision, and it’s one that should be weighed carefully. So how do you know you’re really ready?

Here are three questions to consider as you ponder the prospect of a sea change or treechange…

Have you done your research?

It’s all very well to visit a location on holiday and fall in love with its look and feel, but vacationing somewhere is very different to residing there permanently.

That’s why it’s really important to do your research, including things such as:

  • Who lives in the location
  • Employment opportunities available
  • Recreational facilities and amenities
  • Educational and medical facilities
  • The cost of goods and living
  • Climate and lifestyle
  • Proposed future development

Together these factors help paint a picture of what that location might be like to live in long-term and whether it’s likely to suit your needs.

What will your lifestyle look like?

As you consider each of the elements above, imagine what your lifestyle would look like in that tree change or sea change destination.

How do you envisage yourself spending your time? Does the region have the services, amenities and recreational facilities that you’re likely to need?

For example, perhaps you love culture and enjoy nothing more than regular trips to the theatre. 

Does your sea change or tree change location have something similar that’s likely to scratch that itch, or will you find yourself missing the place where you previously resided?

Are you ready to start anew?

A big relocation is a bit like starting anew. You’ll need to network to make new friends and an effort will be required to forge new social connections.

Although that sounds simple and obvious, it is very important to consider.

Can you envisage yourself becoming part of the local community? And do you have some ideas as to how you might integrate quickly?

Speak with an agent

If you’re considering making a sea change or tree change, speak with a real estate agent or a couple of agents in the area to get a real feel for the location and its community.

A great agent will help advise you regarding the nuances of a locality, including amenities, best locations, and the pros and cons of residing there.

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