A slip of industry secrets to encourage a successful sale

Are you thinking of selling your home?

We’re truly happy to see you’ve landed here. With us.

It’s a big decision to sell. We really do get that.

Yes, we’re a group completely chocka-block full of agents who live to talk all things property; and without question, listing and selling daily.

But, we’re also individuals.

Most of us, a vital ‘cog’ within our respective family mechanics, driven by passion to provide a warm and safe environment for our own loved ones. And of course, for our clients. Each agent has personally experienced the process of listing and selling their own home, most, before they entered the industry. We understand the entire decision-making process, from a ‘human’ level.

And that’s why, we’re even happier to see you’ve landed here.

With a plethora of virtual information at your fingertips, headlining the ‘best’ or ‘top tips’ to making your home ‘the most appealing property’ to buyers, we thought it was time to burst the bubble.

Let’s spill the industry secrets to successfully presenting your home, to not only capture the attention of buyers, but to completely smash their expectations.

It’s all about the light

Now I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘we’ve heard this one before’, and yes, of course, natural light is king (or queen) when selling your home. For most, merely opening the curtains and turning on the lights is ‘potentially sufficient’.

But wait, what if we elevated this?

Have you considered taking down those heavy, light-limiting curtains and washing your windows?

Following on from location, ample natural light is the next requirement often found on a buyer’s checklist, so it’s worth considering just how you can maximise the light, in your own home.

Don’t be afraid to replace globes, opting for a larger wattage, change lamp shades, or cut down external bushes or over-grown trees to allow additional light in. If you’re handy with a paint brush, consider painting your eaves white. This little-known trick will help reflect light inside, instantly brightening your space, whilst due to their angle, won’t clash with your curb-side appeal. Do what’s required to increase the light, it really will pay off!

Taking the ‘home’ out of the house

Don’t make the mistake of suffocating your buyers with your personal belongings. Although your treasured items are special to you, when you’re selling your home, de-personalising it will create an opportunity to optimise the buyer’s ability to imagine their own special treasures placed within the space.

It’s here though, that the downfall occurs, as your treasured items make their way off walls or units, placed within cupboards, drawers or any nook or cranny really, in hope to hide them from sight.  Although this is rarely right.

Many buyers, especially interested buyers, will open cupboard doors to check storage solutions or configurations. Instead of being greeted with clean, organised storage solutions, they are bombastically overwhelmed by mere mess. This is not good!! Instead of welcoming buyers into your spacious and free-flowing, uncluttered home, you have now highlighted the lack of storage your home offers.

However, there is a solution. Some agents suggest, to combat the overwhelming levels of special treasures or clothes, it’s wise to remove half of your belongings. Get a head start on packing by bundling up half of everything, keeping it together within a storage facility. Then, neatly organise the remaining half, cleaning each shelf as you go. Ta-Da!

Hire the right agent

One of the biggest sale killers, can be a direct result of hiring the wrong agent. Often, the ‘right agent’ is a hyper-local market expert, who prides themselves on diligently researching any small or large shift within their core area.

The ‘right agent’ can advise with certainty and knowledge across all facets of the listing and sales process, whilst aligning with industry experts to enhance their service.

The ‘right agent’ embraces technology, showcasing the importance to actively utilise and track listing statistics to help further understand their marketplace.

But most of all, the ‘right agent’ will connect with you. They will exhibit the same, if not similar core values as you, and they will work with rolled up sleeves, determination in their eyes and a goal in their mind, in order to achieve the highest price for you, their client. Their family.

How we can help

If you’ve accidentally stumbled onto our website in hope to have found informative material to help you list, sell and/or purchase, we hope you’ve found what you’re looking for. Our Eview Group agents are always happy to discuss your options and ideas around your next property move. Find your nearest Eview Group agent here, www.eview.com.au.