Why rental references matter.

There’s a fair bit of paperwork required when it comes to applying for a rental property and gathering the information can sometimes feel tedious.

But a completed application with all details provided is the first step towards securing the property you want. As part of that process, you’ll be asked to provide a couple of references which will then be checked.

So, let’s look at the references which are generally required and how it helps renters get the tick of approval while also ensuring property managers and owners secure the right occupier.

Four possible references

In addition to providing identification, proof of income and a general history of any properties you’ve rented previously, a rental application will generally ask for the contact details of people who will act as your referees.

1. Employer

The first of these is your employer, who will be contacted to ensure you work where you say you do.

They will also be asked about how long you’ve worked there and the type of role you have.

This reference is designed to verify you have suitable, stable employment that will allow you to afford the rent.

2. Previous property manager

If you’ve rented previously, your most recent property manager will also be contacted as a reference and this phone call is all about determining your rental history.

They will be asked about whether you paid your rent on time, whether you looked after the property and whether they’d consider you a good candidate to rent to again.

3. Personal referee

In some instances, the property manager undertaking the rental application check might also as for a personal referee.

This is often more likely if you haven’t rented before and there’s no previous property manager they can speak with.

This referee is contacted in a bid to glean an insight into your character, including whether you’re reliable, and a responsible person who is suitable to be entrusted with a property.

4. Pet references

If you’re family comprises four-legged members, it’s also a good idea to obtain a written reference for your pet.

This helps property managers understand the pet’s behaviour, whether they’re likely to cause any damage to the home, and whether the property in question is likely to suit their needs.

References matter

While rental applications involve filling in a lot of details and also undergoing tenancy database checks, the references section of the application is really important.

In fact, good references can make or break a rental application as they indicate what type of person you are, whether you can afford the property, and whether you will honour your responsibilities under law as the rental occupier.

Knowing these standard checks are undertaken also helps set the property owner’s mind at ease, in the knowledge applicants will be thoroughly vetted with the best person selected to look after their asset.

For prospective renters, it’s also important to remember these checks aren’t personal, they’re par for the course in the application process and providing them sees you one step closer to the property you hope to call home.

How we can help

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