Why communication is key to a successful rental experience

Renting a property might involve a legal agreement to look after the home and pay the rent on time, but it’s also about forging successful working relationships, particularly with the property manager who oversees the rental agreement.

Often that successful relationship is built on good communication.

What exactly do we mean? Well, here’s why communication is key to a successful rental experience.

Your right to peace and privacy

Under the relevant laws in all Australian states and territories, rental occupiers have a right to peace and privacy.

That means you have the right to enjoy the property as if it were your own without unexpected visits from the property manager, tradespeople or the property owner.

Instead, you need to be notified of any visits in advance, with the timeframe varying depending on the purpose and urgency of that visit.

In other words, the property manager needs to communicate with you and give you fair warning that someone needs to attend the premises – whether that’s for a routine inspection, repairs or general maintenance.

It’s about setting expectations and honouring rights and responsibilities

Through a rental agreement, a property manager might communicate with you for a host of other reasons too.

They might ask you if there are any maintenance issues that need tending to, they might check in after a storm or natural disaster to ensure everything’s ok, or they might contact you towards the end of the rental agreement to see what your intentions are.

Most of the time this communication will be in writing, but it could also be via text or simple phone call.

Either way, the property manager is seeking to ensure a smooth rental experience where your rights are protected and your needs are met, along with those of the property owner.

Behind the scenes, the property manager will also be communicating with the property owner. They will be notifying them of any issues with the property, alerting them to any required repairs and generally keeping the rental agreement on track, while protecting the interests of the property.

Communication is a two-way street

While the property manager might occasionally communicate with you, they are also expecting you to contact them when you need to.

This might be to alert them to a repair that needs to be carried out, to let them know if something’s wrong with the property, or to advise them if you’re having any issues, such as paying the rent.

And here, proactive communication is key. The sooner you let a property manager know of any issues you are having, the better position they are in to help you navigate the rental process.

No property manager wants to see a rental agreement or a rental occupier in trouble, so if you are proactive in your communication and work with them, the better the rental experience is.

How we can help

Our experienced property managers pride themselves on establishing great relationships with both rental occupiers and owners.

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