When a relationship in a rental ends

Life changes, things happen and relationships start and end. But what if you’re co-renters residing in a rental and one party wants to move out?

Well, you have a couple of options available, depending on the circumstances and what you want to do next.

The technicalities

Whether it’s a personal relationship or a simple co-renting agreement made amongst friends, when a party who is listed on the rental agreement wishes to leave the property a couple of things can occur.

They can exit the agreement, while the other person or people remain at the premises, or the residents can collectively choose to end the rental agreement and all leave.

Either way, the property manager needs to be notified. So, let’s walk through each scenario…

Have one party exit the agreement

If one party wishes to leave the rental property but the others choose to stay, the person who is leaving needs to contact the property manager and have their name removed from the agreement.

If not, they could be held responsible for any damage to the property or unpaid rent.

The remaining occupants can then choose to either assume responsibility for the agreement, including the payment of the rent, or choose to have someone else move in.

If the exiting renter is being replaced by someone else, this person will need to have their name added to the rental agreement and will also be required to pay a portion of the bond.

Meanwhile, the person leaving can apply to have their bond refunded or transferred to the new resident.

End the agreement

In some instances, all parties may decide they no longer wish to live at the rental property, which means the property manager needs to be notified they wish to vacate the premises.

If this is within the fixed term of a rental agreement, you can indicate you wish to end that agreement early , but may be liable for the costs of paying rent until a new renter is found and advertising the property for rent.

If the fixed term rental agreement has ended and a periodic agreement is in place, the residents can simply provide the required notice that they intend to leave.

If family or domestic violence is involved

In a number of states and territories there are rules that let people make changes to their rental agreements if they are experiencing domestic or family violence.

In this instance you should contact your property manager and make yourself aware of the guidelines that apply and the assistance available.

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