What makes a great rental?

As much as all property is bricks and mortar, some are more suited to renting than others. And it begs the question, what makes a great rental?

Well it’s a combination of things, ranging from its general appeal to how easy the property is to maintain and how well it’s managed.

Here are five things that go into making a property a great rental.


All properties will suffer their fair share of bumps and knocks over time, but in a rental you want to minimise the impact of these as best you can.

That’s why it’s important to have a property that’s hard wearing. And when we say that, we’re talking about things like flooring, tap wear, benchtops, and other general fixtures and fittings.

If you’re seeking an investment property, renovating one or readying your existing home for rental, consider how hard wearing the items are around the home.

And if there are things in need of replacement, select fixtures and fittings that will stand the test of time.

Low maintenance

Neither you as the property owner nor the renter want to deal with persistent maintenance issues and repairs. That’s why it pays to opt for or create a rental property that is low maintenance.

When we talk about low maintenance, that means a home that’s easy to look after, has those hard wearing features we mentioned earlier, and in some ways takes care of itself.

For example, in a low maintenance property, gardens are either irrigated or planted with natives that don’t require much water and attention.

Well maintained

As low maintenance as your rental property might be, there will always be times when a little TLC is required.

And it’s important to ensure your property is well-maintained. 

This involves being proactive about general maintenance, such as annual gutter cleans and tree trimming or tending to those little things in a timely manner, such as leaking taps, loose decking, and areas in need of a bit of a repaint.

It might also involve replacing items when they reach the end of their lifespan, such as repainting the property or replacing the carpet every 10 years.

When a rental property is well maintained, it not only attracts great renters, but encourages them to look after the home while they reside there.  


If you’re looking to purchase a rental property as an investment, one thing to consider is convenience.

In other words, how easy is it to access things like shops, medical facilities, educational institutions, local industries and workplaces?

The more convenient a property is, the greater the pool of renters who will be interested in your property, ensuring it doesn’t sit vacant between rental agreements.

Good property management

And finally, a great rental will be underpinned by great property management. This ensures repairs and maintenance are proactively identified and undertaken.

It also ensures the right people are selected to rent the property, the rent is paid on time and the home is looked after as it should be.

Great property management alleviates much of the stress of owning a rental, ensuring your investment retains its value and earns the income you hope for.

How we can help

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