Three key things to consider, when nurturing a positive relationship with your property manager

After months of searching for the ‘right’ rental property, you finally stumble upon the perfect one. No doubt you’re eager to commit and keen to please, ensuring you secure the home you’ve been so longingly searching for. But how can you promote a positive and peaceful relationship with your future property manager, to ensure you kick-start this professional relationship on the right foot!?

Sound familiar?

Let’s dive deep into effective ways to cultivate and nurture a prosperous and professional relationship with your property manager, whilst promoting yourself in a positive light, as the perfect tenant.

Anticipating the future

While you may have a history of faultless tenancies and rule-abiding living arrangements, there are many (and I mean, MANY) who have left landlords and property managers gobsmacked and flawed by their devastating and damaging behaviours. Sometimes, these horror stories can leave the owner out of pocket by thousands of dollars, fighting to reduce long-winded ‘void periods’, as they set out to return the property to an acceptable, rentable condition.

Believe it or not, this detrimental behaviour, often exhibited by the minority, has led to property managers and landlords, to be just as fearful (if not more), of you – the tenant!  And whilst both the property manager and owner play key roles in establishing the ‘right’ tenant for the property, it pays to promote yourself as the ‘right’ tenant for the rental property.

Proving yourself as a caring, respectful, and trustworthy tenant has many perks, with additional benefits provided to you, if the landlord and property manager can identify your respectful approach to the rental property. A landlord maybe prepared to offer additional services, fast rectification of problems or even a rent reduction or lease extension, if they feel things are working out and their property is being looked-after.

First impressions matter

One of the first ways to stand out and project positive energy is at the very beginning – the home inspection. Consider the property inspection similar to that of a job interview, well, a quick job interview! Rental inspections don’t often span more than 15minutes, so turn up on time, if not a tad early, and be ready. Although it’s common curtesy to be on time, running early helps send a subliminal message to the landlord that you’re punctual in your habits, including your rental out-goings!

Rental inspections also offer an opportunity for property managers to analyse the visual appearance of all prospective tenants, in hope to identify the ‘right’ tenant for the property. By dressing clean and neat during an inspection, highlights to a property manager and landlord that you take care in your possessions.

Decipher your budget (and stick to it!)

One thing is certain when you apply for a rental home; the property manager will no doubt be calculating your income, to determine your comfortability in meeting the rental outgoings required to maintain positive arrears, and still continue a comfortable lifestyle. A major factor in determining the ‘right’ tenant and an element of the whole application you want to make sure aligns correctly.

When searching for your next property, a good rule to use to remove any doubt of affordability from the property manager, is to consider the ‘30% of your income’ rule. Once you determine what dollar figure equates to 30% of your wage, you can use this figure to search for homes, certain you can afford their weekly expenses. Once calculated, just make sure you stick to it!

How we can help

Securing a new rental property and ensuring you cultivate a positive and prosperous relationship with your new landlord or property manger can sometimes be a daunting thought, especially if you’ve had external factors influence your previous leasing history.

Our friendly and expert property managers are here to help you with any questions you may have and would love to offer their services to ensure you find your ‘perfect’ next home.